Don’t Go Blonde Without Olaplex!

Don’t Go Blonde Without Olaplex!

Don’t Go Blonde Without Olaplex!

It’s fun to change your hair color, and many women are going bold with new shades this year. However, depending on your natural hair color, and past treatments, it may be more difficult to achieve the new color that you want. Boutique salons have the tools and experience to take even the darkest brown to a dazzling blonde, but it may still be harsh on your hair and require more maintenance than you want. But thanks to an innovative product called Olaplex, you can go for blonder and lighter shades without compromising the health of your locks!

This incredible new salon service will leave your color-treated hair softer, stronger, and more vibrant than it would have been without this addition. And when you’re maintaining a fresh blonde color, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment to make. Olaplex is a cutting-edge new line of hair treatments that was formulated by two of the top Ph.D.s in materials and chemistry, without the use of harsh oils or silicone! Stylists all over the world are raving about its ability to enhance their client’s results and how wonderfully it complements advanced color techniques like ombre, balayage, and colormelt.

Summer is the ideal time to lighten your look, and if you’re eyeing something blonde or pastel, don’t forget to ask your local boutique if they carry Olaplex. Only the finest salons can carry this line, which includes both in-salon treatments and take-home products, so you can continue to enjoy the vibrant, silky shine even after you’ve left the chair. Changing hair color can be very harsh on your strands, and may leave them feeling stiff and crunchy after a while. In the past, women have turned to regular, expensive salon treatments to re-condition and renew their locks, just so they could continue dyeing in the future. But not anymore!

Olaplex is both effective and simple to use. Your hair stylist simply adds the two main formulas to their coloring solutions- no extra steps needed. Then you take home the third formula for weekly at-home treatments to keep your hair strong and resilient between appointments. Olaplex is made in California, and works like an internal re-structuring treatment, not like a coating conditioner or protein addition. The powerful chemistry involved in Olaplex allows your spa boutique colorist to offer a wider range of possibilities for your hair, while preventing damage and breakage.

Give us a call today if you are interested in trying Olaplex with your next hair color appointment. And if you know someone who would love to see these amazing results for themselves, talk to us about our gift certificates!


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