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Modern lives are full of stress. Many people go through their average day with day timers packed, minds full and muscles tight. Not only is this stress uncomfortable, it is also unhealthy. Stress affects work performance, the home, interaction with family and friends, and even sleep! There have been proven benefits when people set aside time to pamper themselves, a time to relax and de-stress. They should not feel guilty for spending the time or the money on this important activity. For those searching for Fort Collins hair salons, a nail salon or the best spa in town, come to Athena Salon, Spa and Wellness. They have everything in one convenient location.

PedicureNail Salon

One of the easiest ways to relax is by getting a manicure and a pedicure. This type of pampering leaves lasting results in the form of perfect nails. Each painted nail serves as a reminder of those few hours of relaxation, and gives encouragement throughout the week as a result. But perfect nails are not the only thing that customers come away from a manicure or pedicure with. A visit to the nail salon also makes hands and feet moisturized, callous free and perfectly soft. Hand and foot massages, hot towel treatments and sweetly scented lotions all provide an atmosphere of relaxation, perfect for clearing the mind of stress.

The Best Spa in Town

Often the mini-massage provided during the manicure and pedicure whets the appetite for a full body massage. Luckily, Athena Salon, Spa and Wellness has an in-house spa complete with massage rooms and skilled therapists. Whether it is an individual or a couple’s massage, this spa has amazing treatments. They also provide many different types of facials, so clients can leave the building with truly enriched skin as well as relaxed bodies and minds. Athena Salon, Spa and Wellness truly is the best spa in town!

Hair Salon

Athena Salon, Spa and Wellness offers so much more than other Fort Collins hair salons, but don’t allow that to diminish the fact that they offer premier haircutting services! One of the most relaxing things a client can do is to receive a truly superior haircut. The skilled stylists at the salon can help clients to choose the perfect hairstyle for their face and body. Having that perfect haircut boosts to self confidence, and leaves clients recharged to return to the real world. So come visit Athena Salon, Spa and Wellness. It is the best choice of Fort Collins hair salons, nail salons or spas!

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