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Facial Scrubs: When You’re Using Too Much

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Every January, magazines start printing articles focused on two things: the detox diet and the newest form of a facial scrub. We’ll leave the detox diet craze to another post. For now, we’ll focus on the facial scrub. What is a scrub? When you need one? Where should you get one, and is it possible to scrub your face too much? Let’s take a closer look!

Why Scrub?

The best and fastest way to smoother skin that’s free of any dry patches or other issues is to exfoliate. Exfoliation can happen through a number of different methods including various acid treatments and through the use of facial scrubs. The hard particles in scrubs will effectively remove the outer layer of skin on your face, and this can reveal much smoother skin. There are a few things to watch out for though — or you may scrub your face off!

The Ingredients

You don’t really need a scrub that contains more than one or two ingredients. If you’re considering using a citrus scrub that has hazelnut shells, sand particles, rosemary, and particles from the Dead Sea, you may go into scrub overkill. Your face is delicate, and that means that you really only need a simple scrub. Something that has one type of exfoliant will do the trick, so skip those scrubs that claim to have more than five ingredients. You may want to eat the scrub because it sounds so good, but it’s not going to benefit your skin.

The Science

The dead cells on your face that you’re trying to get rid of with scrubs can make your face look dull, that much is true. But, those cells are there for a reason — to protect the cells that are underneath the dead ones. If you get rid of all the dead cells regularly, you will not have any kind of a protective layer. The result? Skin that looks and feels red and irritated.

Instead of exfoliating with something harsh everyday, try exfoliating once every two weeks. Whether you are using an acid based exfoliator or something that is made from sand or nut, you shouldn’t scrub your face raw every day – no matter what the package says. Are all scrubs the same, though? Well, not exactly.

The Details

You should look for scrubs that are ideal for your skin type, and for what you want to achieve. Everyone wants healthier skin that glows, but are you searching for a way to get rid of fine lines, or do you just want to refresh your skin? You might be a good candidate for an acid peel or for microdermabrasion if you have trouble skin, or you could just benefit from a really good scrub that consists of gently exfoliating ingredients. How can you tell?

The experts at your Windsor Spa should be able to tell you what kind of exfoliation your skin can benefit from. Once you book an appointment, you will be given a complete evaluation, so that you can get the best advice and treatments for your skin. At Athena, your Fort Collins day spa, we have all kinds of exfoliating treatments that are perfect for any kind of skin – just book an appointment, come in, and let us know what you’d like your skin to look like! We’ll make the rest happen during your visit, and we’ll also give you tips to keeping your skin looking great in the future.

Great skincare is simple if you understand the basics, and the first rule is not to rub your face off by exfoliating too often! Come into our Windsor day spa, and let us know how you’d like your face to glow!

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