Facial Spa Suggestions: Homemade Facial Scrubs

To keep your facial skin healthy, moisturized and youthful looking, Athena Salon and Spa recommends getting regular facials. The premier Windsor spa offers an array of facials utilizing top-of-the-line facial scrubs that will revitalize your face leaving you with a young and moisturized complexion.

However, if you’re in between spa services and are interested in giving yourself an at-home facial, there are a number of at-home salon product alternatives. With a few ingredients you can make a homemade facial that will work wonders until your next facial spa appointment.

Here are some tips for at-home facial scrubs.

First, it’s important to determine your skin type. The type of facial scrub you use should be dependent on whether your facial skin is dry, normal or oily. If you’re not sure, or have any questions about determining your skin type, make an appointment with the beauty and skin experts at Athena Salon and Spa for a consultation.

Combine a small amount of sugar, lemon juice, honey and olive oil in a bowl and stir. You can store your excess facial scrub in a small jar with a lid. This type of scrub is best suited for those with normal to dry skin. Honey

For those that have oily skin, try mixing together a handful of ground almonds with a ¼ cup of dry oatmeal and two or three strips of dried lemon peel and add milk until it becomes a paste. The oatmeal will help to absorb extra oil. Make sure to store excess scrub covered in the refrigerator.

Use your homemade facial scrubs once a day. Try using them while in the shower too. The hot water will help to open your pores and allow you to scrub out any impurities. You can also combine your scrubs with soap or body wash for an all-over body scrub.

Before using homemade scrubs on your face, test them on the inside of your arm to ensure that you don’t have any allergic reactions.

For a professional facial make an appointment with your local premier facial spa, Athena Salon and Spa at 970-223-0273 today!

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