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Farm House Fresh

farm cows

How excited would you be to buy products that were farm-fresh, natural, and good for your skin? The Farm House Fresh line offers all those things and more. We invite you to settle into a rocking chair, spread jam on a piece of toast, and visit the farm at your Windsor spa.

Every Farm House Fresh product is made with 90-99.6% natural ingredients. This means that the ingredients come from nature itself, derived from plants. Everything is also paraben and sulfate free, eliminating those harsh chemicals from every bottle. If you’re looking for the best pedicures possible, these products will provide whatever you need to have healthy, glowing, happy skin.

The company is also no stranger to awards. They’ve won several consumer choice awards, along with being voted one of the top “5 Favorite Bodycare Lines in the U.S.” just this year. Spas and salons across the country also chose the shea butter Whoopie! Cream as their Favorite Body Lotion. With all these accolades, it’s no wonder that thousands of people love these products.

Just a few months ago, Athena Salon, Spa & Wellness added the Farm House Fresh lines of products to their salon. These products are available whenever you book a pedicure or manicure, or they’re available to buy from the salon. If you love the lotion that was used, you can now pick up a bottle of the same cream for use at home. If you’d like to give something as well, the company’s jelly jar toppers and pour-spout cruets will add the perfect touch of whimsy to the gift.

Come for the curiosity and stay for the gorgeousness! Feel free to ask for one of these products the next time you visit your favorite Windsor spa.

Honey Heel Glaze: Loaded with cinnamon, sweet cloves, aloe leaf, and honey, this moisturizer brings relief and relaxation during the best pedicures. It is sold in a quilted jelly jar with a brush for easy application.

Nectar Milk Soothing Bath Soak: This rich soaking cream brings instant calm to any bath. Sweet almond oil is included to soften skin, and chicory root soothes inflammation and swelling.

Sweet Tea Whipped Body Scrub: Reminiscent of warm summer evenings, this cleanser will exfoliate with sugar and peach stone powder. The ginger, peach, orchid, and white tea ensure that skin is clean without drying out or being stripped of natural oils.

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