Long curly hair with a bow.

Favorite Wedding Hair Trends

Long curly hair with a bow.

Hair CC Photo Courtesy of Ginanjar Id

At your Windsor spa, we love to take care of wedding parties from pedicures to bridal hair. We also know that it can be really tough to choose the right wedding hairstyle, so we recommend that you come into our Windsor spa for some trial updos before your wedding! Here are some wedding hair trends we’re seeing at our Windsor spa right now that we just love.

  • Flowers in your hair. You don’t have to be heading to San Francisco to wear flowers in your hair! Actually, flowers look amazing in hair on a wedding day, and we can weave those flowers into a lovely crown for you too. If you’re planning a bohemian wedding or just one that’s a lot more casual, there’s nothing quite like the look of lovely fresh flowers.
  • A braided and coiled bun. If you’re planning a really formal event, there’s nothing quite like this royal look to pull it all together. This style does work best if you have longer and thicker hair, but we can add some extensions to your hair for you, so that you’ll look every bit the part on your wedding day.
  • Try the slicked back ponytail look if you are wearing a really chic dress. This look is also effortless, so you don’t need to worry about your hair unwinding as the night progresses.
  • The neck knot. Tying a loose knot at the back of your neck is pure elegance. We can also pull out a few strands of hair to curl around that knot, so that you look like the fairy princess you are.
  • Think about a simple bow. A lot of brides go for bling on their wedding day (and there’s nothing wrong with that!), but a simple bow is another way to add a hair accessory that looks amazing and simple.
  • Surfer side braid. If you are getting married outside, a side braid is the most casual way to stay dressed up. This braid looks really good on beaches too, so consider a side braid if you are thinking about a beach wedding.
  • Got a cropped style? If your hair is short, you have two options. The first is to accessorize with cute bows, clips, and headbands. The second is to add some extensions, which we offer as part of our salon services. Either way, you’ll look great.
  • Old Hollywood waves. There’s nothing that looks more Old Hollywood than some large and loose curls. Instead of tight curls, these are combed out and look amazing. You can also pin your hair to one side in order to let those curls shine.
  • Middle part beach waves. If you plan on getting married on the beach, a middle part with some very loose waves and some dramatic makeup looks picture perfect. Ask one of our salon experts how to create this look, and how to make it stay when the wind on that picturesque beach picks up.

Our Salon Services

At Athena Salon and Spa, we see a lot of brides and bridal parties, and all of them are unique and special to us. Since your wedding day might be stressful, we highly recommend booking a day or two in advance to try some hairstyles, and it’s always a nice way to relax before your wedding if you come in for a pedicure or manicure before that big day. Let us know if you want one of the styles listed here, or bring in a photo of a hairstyle that you love. Either way, we will make sure that you have the perfect hair on your wedding day!

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