Your Feet: How to Treat Them Right


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You walk on your feet 365 days per year. You also run, dance, skip, and pretty much do everything else with your feet, and that’s a lot of abuse! Even though we tend to pay more attention to our feet during the summer months, your feet deserve some love throughout the rest of the year too. Whether you come into Athena, your Windsor spa, for an amazing spa services and a pedicure or soak your toes at home, make sure to give your feet some love!

Here are our at home tips for spoiled toes:

1. Soak first: let your feet soak in warm water with a mixture of Epsom salt and coconut oil for approximately five to ten minutes.

2. Scrub: using a pumice stone, scrub the tips of your toes; in-between your toes; and under your heels for a complete and thorough cleaning.

3. Exfoliate: purchase a soothing scrub (like peppermint), and scrub your feet after you’ve used your pumice stone – feet will look and smell great after this treatment!

4. Massage: at Athena, we always make sure that our clients receive a nice massage post-soak, so why shouldn’t you do this at home too? Rub towards your heart to invoke circulation, and massage your calves too.

5. Moisturize: there are a lot of different schools of thought when it comes to the best foot moisturizer. One home remedy that you have to try is to use coconut oil post-soak. Rub the oil into your toes, and then place socks on your feet to really lock in the moisture. If you wear socks before bed, you can rub pumice stone over your toes in the morning to really get rid of that dead skin.

6. Trim your nails: using a nail file, file your nails across going in one direction only (do not rub back and forth, since this can break your nails!). The idea here is to smooth out the nail, and round it out nicely. If you need to cut some of your nails, make sure to cut straight across without pulling or cutting any part of your nail that’s deep into the sides of your toes.

7. Check the state of your nails. Are your nails yellow from too much polish? If so, you can rub a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda on your nails to bring back the white. If your nails look fine, you can either slather them in polish or let them remain buff.

Color or Nude?

Once you have gone through the above steps, you may notice that your feet are now soft and your toes are white. If you love the look of your feet, don’t feel obligated to put polish on your toes. Sometimes, a pretty and natural pedicure can look just as amazing as toes covered in all kinds of polish. The important thing is to keep your feet healthy by moisturizing, scrubbing, and keeping your nails trimmed.

Come into your favorite Windsor spa today to see how we do pedicures. You can pick up a few tips, ask us some questions, and see what your pampered feet should look like – plus, it’s a good idea to get a professional pedicure once per month, just to give your feet a break! Athena is a Windsor spa located in Colorado, and we’re more than happy to book an appointment for you today. Also, make sure to check out our various types of spa services and pedicures listed on this site – and don’t forget to like us on Facebook!

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