Find Facial Spa Bliss!

While treatments at spas–and even more specifically facial spas–have been stereotypically relegated to the realms of medical necessity or luxurious living, many are realizing the increasing need for the preventative and restorative skin care found in spas. A facial spa treatment clears away a continual build-up of pollutants you hardly notice from merely living in our current environment.  At Athena, a natural and relaxing Windsor spa, you can choose from many different spa packages and yet leave every time with a face that has been gently exfoliated, moisturized, and repaired while you experience the relaxation your body and mind desperately need.

Facial Spa Fears

Those with sensitive skin often fear that treatment in a facial spa will cause more harm than good. The products and practices of many spas have made this fear a reality. However, at this unique Windsor spa, anyone with sensitive skin can rest assured that this fear is completely groundless. Consideration for skin types goes into the preparation of spa packages, customized treatment and treatment plans are readily available, and each professional is dedicated to providing customized client care. Nothing should touch your face without your consent or knowledge! The professionals at Athena’s facial spa are dedicated to providing you with the care that allows you to relax as you experience the specific regime you need and desire.

The best natural products also erase fears. Since Athena prides itself in being a premier eco-friendly Windsor spa, spa packages and practices are notably natural and pure. Injuries or even temporary damage from harsh chemicals or polluting products won’t happen here. Your health and the environment will both benefit from any of the spas offered at Athena.

Facial Spa Flexibility

Whether you’re searching for the ultimate cleansing and restorative treatment plan or trying to squeeze in preventative skin care while attempting to catch some much-needed relaxation, the facial spa at Athena can flexibly serve you. Spa packages that successfully address the most widespread needs and desires in the facial spa world can be augmented with specific services or treatments.  Your health, beauty, and happiness are essential to you and to the professionals at Athena’s facial spa; you won’t regret making time for a facial spa experience of bliss!

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