Fish Pedicures Offered at Nail Salons

One of the latest salon services available in the United States and the United Kingdom is a fish pedicure. What is a fish pedicure and why is it becoming the latest new treatment? Small toothless carp are placed in the foot soak and act as a foot scrub to replace the nail files and exfoliation tools used by professionals. For this foot treatment, the tiny carp eat away at the dead skin cells to give you one of the best pedicures around. The fish have the ability to evenly eat away at the dead skin and leave your feet soft and exfoliated.

If this is such a harmless process, then why is this pedicure trend banned in nail salons by ten states? It may be a trick to getting the best pedicures for you and your friends, but it is also putting you in danger of infection. For starters, the fish deposit their waste into the water that you are soaking your feet it. The fish are starved so that they are hungry enough to eat the dead skin and can be considered animal cruelty. Also, the fish may be carrying bacteria that could result in a dangerous infection as they nibble at your toes. Anyone with open sores or cuts, those with immune system diseases, and those of advanced age are said by scientists to have the greatest risk of infection and should avoid the fish related salon services.

The problem with using these fish is the inability for nail salons to sufficiently clean the tubs between customers and effectively sanitize the fish. While there have only been a few infections reported and there is no need to be alarmed by the effects of these salon services, customers need to be aware of the risks. Fish can be infected with diseases that can spread to humans as they clean your feet. In the UK, some of the fish were tested and found to be infected with Streptococcus Agalactiae that can cause pneumonia and life threatening infections.  Also tests revealed that naturally fish can carry several strains of bacteria that can cause soft tissue infections and are resistant to the usual medications for these diseases. The effects of the fish pedicures are currently being monitored and investigated further by scientists. This may be a new trend but one of the best pedicures for you may still be the classic one at your local salon.

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