Feet in small fishtank.

Five Unusual Salon Services

Feet in small fishtank.

Fish CC Photo Courtesy of escalepade

Most people think of a Windsor salon when they want a gorgeous pedicure or a massage to relieve all their tension. Yet others seek out a spa when they want a creative service that defies ordinary standards of beauty basics. How far would you go for a truly wacky salon service?

Bathing in Ramen noodles. A hot springs spa in Japan has pioneered this idea, allowing its guests to wallow in ramen-bowl shaped spas with imitation noodles and broth. Collagen and garlic are added to the bath, improving skin tone and boosting metabolism. The salon claims that all its ramen, green tea, and wine spa services have health and beauty benefits.

Skin-eating fish. People sit with their feet in a bath containing these fish, which nibble away dead skin cells. Some spas, again in the Far East, have introduced full-immersion spas so that the benefits can be experienced over the whole body.

Snake massage. As odd as this sounds, many people swear by this treatment for relaxation. Snakes are placed along the back and arms, where their writhing eases aching muscles and stiff joints. Personally, I would much rather just have the therapist do this ….

Caviar facials. The health benefits of fish eggs have long been touted by health aficionados, so why not slather them on rather than ingest them? So goes the thinking behind this creative facial idea. The benefits are sworn to be firm skin, along with all the nutrients that make it glow naturally. But if you’re hoping for real caviar, you may be disappointed. Most spas that offer this used concentrated caviar extract instead.

Bird-dropping face masks. Specifically, these facials use material from the nightingale, which is supposed to help skin keep moisturized, cleansed, smooth, and beautifully bright. The droppings are first dried, set under intense UV light to sanitize them, and then crushed into powder. They’re also generally combined with a few other ingredients to make them face-friendly.

If none of these spa services appeal to you, never fear. The unconventional nature of many of these treatments (and their ingredients!) is enough to keep all but the most adventurous away. A regular pedicure or facial is excellent pampering for most of us. There are plenty of options available at our Windsor salon to keep you looking radiant, healthy, and beautiful.

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