Black and white old man with wrinkled skin.

Five Ways Men Can Benefit from a Salon

Black and white old man with wrinkled skin.

Thinking CC Photo Courtesy of Henadz

Salons have typically been geared toward women and girls, focusing on their gender with haircuts, dyeing, manicures, and the like. Yet men also benefit from  salon services in a myriad of ways they can’t get from a barber or on their own. Read on for five ways a man can gain advantages from going to the salon.

A salon hair stylist knows a wide variety of hair cuts and styles. If you want to change your style, dye your hair, or simply need advice, a salon stylist is the best person for the job. She can also give standard male haircuts, such as a flattop, fade, or military-style cut.

Manicures don’t have to involve nail polish. In fact, the value of a manicure comes long before that, as the cosmetologist massages hands, cleans them, uses a pumice stone to get the dead skin off, and pushes back cuticles. Men’s hands can use this pampering just as much as women’s can.

The salon is a great place for skin care tips. Though it’s easiest just to pull the bar of soap off the shelf, many men find that that doesn’t take care of their bodies they way they need. Dry skin, rough hands, and dandruff can all be taken care of by a cosmetologist. She is trained to help people find the best care products for themselves, so there is no better place to start.

At a salon, you can get the care you need without any embarrassment from getting it. Men can enjoy a facial, have a waxing session, benefit from a manicure, and get skincare tips from professionals.

At Athena, we use Eufora Hero products for the men who come in. These alleviate skin problems such as dandruff, acne, and seborrhea. They are the only professional salon products to use certified organic aloe vera, as well as pure essential oils. There are no chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or animal products used. This means you can enjoy the antibacterial and aromatic qualities while knowing you’re giving the best to yourself and the planet.

If you’re like many men, you’re more comfortable letting the women benefit from salon services while you hang back. We encourage you to be daring, let us show you the range of possibilities that aren’t available anywhere else. Otherwise, you’ll never know what you’re missing!

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