Nice old lady with short white hair.

Flattering Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Nice old lady with short white hair.

Hair CC Photo Courtesy of Peter Dahlgren

In days gone past, it used to be assumed that a woman who reached 50 would cut off her hair. Her personality, face shape, length of hair, and other factors that would usually come into play when choosing a hairstyle simply were discarded. We at your favorite Fort Collins hair salons are all glad to know that times have changed! It is no longer considered necessary to cut off all your hair at a certain age. In fact, all the features you had used to determine hairstyles your entire life should still be in play. Read on for some suggested styles that flatter a more mature face.

Bangs. Cutting bangs is a good way to modify the style of your hair without drastically changing it or cutting a lot off. Bangs can also hide forehead wrinkles. A cosmetologist at our hair salon can help you decide whether to go chunky, longer, thick, or some other style.

Layers around the face. These should also be brushed slightly back and up, to soften your face. Women often want to keep hair close to the face to hide wrinkles, but this actually draws all the facial features downward. Instead, during your next hair salon appointment, opt for layers and brush the hair up, which will lift your entire face.

Short and bobbed. If you like short hair, now may be the perfect time to experiment with it. Women’s hair tends to get thinner as they grow older, but a short hairstyle can mask that. Just make sure it’s flattering to your face. A good, short cut will encourage people to look at your face and emphasize your eyes. If you have long hair, consider wearing it up to achieve the same effect.

The right color. If the gray hairs at your temple have you scrambling for a box of dye, take a moment to consider. Hair that is dyed too dark will actually age you more. Unless you are extremely pale, dye your hair one shade lighter in blond, brown, or burgundy-brown. If you like the gray hairs, an all-over silvery gray is very flattering.

Of course, we know that there are still dozens, if not hundreds, of hairstyles to choose from. This means you still have lots of options, regardless of your age. Let the stylists at our Fort Collins hair salons usher your hair into its next flattering cut and color.

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