Young girl with paint in her hair.

Four Hair Colors and How to Choose Yours

Young girl with paint in her hair.

Color Hair CC Photo Courtesy of Thomas Hawk

What should you know about dyeing your hair? Many of want a new color but are unsure where to start. The best hair color is one that will bring out your skin tone and enhance your natural beauty. This is usually done by determining whether your skin is cool-toned or warm-toned, and choosing a hair color to match.

When you’re looking for a Fort Collins or Windsor hair salon, we at Athena Salon, Spa & Wellness would love to help. Before you make an appointment, here are some tips for finding the perfect color.

Brown: This color is perfect if your hair is a mousy-brown shade now or if it is damaged. Brown shades reflect light well and minimize the damaged look from breakage or dry hair. This color is also perfect if you want something low maintenance, since the upkeep is minimal. Going to a salon, rather than dyeing hair at home, is well worth the price for the quality you get.

Blond: If you were blond as a child, this is a good color choice. Golden blonds will suit warm-toned people while ashy blonds will suit cool-toned people. This is a more expensive color to maintain, however, and will require regular root touchups to keep the color consistent.

Red: Choose this if your hair is in good condition. Dry or damaged hair will have trouble holding the red molecules, and the color will fade more quickly. However, this color is very versatile. A wide range of reds, from fire-engine to red-brown to an almost purple, is available to suit any skin tone.

Black: This color looks best if you have a dark or olive complexion. You should also be certain this is what you want, since black is difficult to change or cover once your hair is dyed. A salon visit is also worth the price here, to ensure the black doesn’t turn out too purple or blue.

For the best finish, choose a color within two shades of your natural hair. This will simply deepen and enrich the tone you already have. As always, the hair stylists at Athena Salon in Windsor would be happy to help you choose a color. Their expertise enables them to match skin tone with the color you want to find the shade that’s right for you.

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