Fresh-Faced Beauty Tips: Ban Those Under-Eye Bags

As you sneak a quick peek at your reflection during your day, you notice something that stops you dead in your tracks. As you peer at yourself in the mirror all you notice are your large blue and bulging under-eye bags. Regardless of how they got there, your raccoon rings are the first thing that you noticed when looking at your face, so you’re pretty sure that it’s the first thing others are noticing as well.

Allergies, genetics, and lack of sleep are all reasons why you might be sporting such hefty under-eye bags. The skin located underneath your eyes is very delicate and the blood vessels concealed under this skin will often and easily expand which makes the area under your eyes look baggy and darker in color. 

However, there are a number of makeup tricks that you can use to help remove the appearance of under-eye bags and give you a more fresh-faced and well-rested look.

Before applying makeup, wash your face and prep your under-eye area with a moisturizing eye cream, but avoid using any overly rich or heavy creams as this may result in a caked-on-makeup look.

The next step in battling under-eye bulge is applying a creamy concealer. When choosing a concealer, carefully examine the skin under your eyes, if you have reddish tones try a green-tinted concealer. Dark circles mean that you’ll want to use a concealer that has lavender or purple tones, while bluish tones under the skin are best combated with a yellow-based or peach concealer.  Athena Spa and Salon, the premier Windsor salon has an array of facial spa and makeup products including Jane Iredale concealers that will perfectly hide your under-eye bags.

When applying your concealer, blend it under the eye. By using a small brush you can lightly blend concealer under the whole eye area, from inner corner to outer lash line.

After applying your concealer, finish off your look by applying a light layer of your regular foundation over the top of the concealer and blend. To keep your fresh-eyed look all day try setting the concealer with a matte yellow-tined finishing powder swept under your eyes with a small fluffy brush.

If you want to deflect attention away from your under-eye circles apply a shimmery golden brown eye shadow to your eyelids if your under-eye bags are blue. If your circles are yellowish go with a shimmery taupe shade and steer clear of applying mascara to your bottom lash line.

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