Fun Facts About Pedicures

Today, pedicures are much loved across the United States! Here are a couple quick facts about pedicures in the past and present for your enjoyment:


  • Long nails were a symbol of wisdom in ancient Egypt. They were thought to be used for communication with deities. Members of royalty and nobility wore their nails long and brightly colored, whereas slaves and members of lower classes had to keep their nails short and could only paint them with pastels or light colors.
  • Cleopatra painted her nails deep red.
  • In ancient China, women preferred metallic gold and silver colors for their nails. Chinese nail polish was made from beeswax. Long nails were a sign of nobility in China too, to show that these men and women did not have to do manual labor. These people grew their nails up to 13cm long!
  • The ancient Chinese people invented long metal cones that could be placed over the fingernails to protect them as they grew.
  • Pedicures originated in ancient Egypt, evolving from manicures. There is even a carving in an ancient pharaoh’s tomb depicting a servant giving a manicure and pedicure to a noble person.
  • In ancient Babylonia, noblemen used tools made from solid gold to give themselves manicures and pedicures.
  • The word “pedicure” comes from the Latin words – “pres” meaning foot, and “cura” meaning care.
  • In the United States, the first nail color manicure was invented in 1932 by Charles Revlon.
  • The film industry made manicures popular in the United States. Actresses needed to keep their fingernails perfect because they were visible during close-ups. The first fake nails were invented for actresses who had short nails. Fake tips would be glued on to make the nails look longer.
  • The outcome of a pedicure mirrors reflexology. While pedicure technicians are not usually trained in reflexology, the benefits of both practices include some overlap in that both provide rejuvenation and relaxation.
  • Cheaper salons are usually not better when it comes to pedicure services. Nicer salons not only have better facilities, but they pay more attention to training for their staff, use better products, and have higher cleaning standards.
  • Pedicures can help prevent nail diseases and disorders, and are done for cosmetic, therapeutic, and medical reasons.


At the Athena Salon, your pedicure will be given by highly trained staff, using carefully selected products. Athena’s facilities are the most beautiful in Windsor, and the overall experience will remind you why pedicures have been popular for thousands of years!

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