Gene Therapy… In a Lotion?

Since the beginning of time, women have wanted to remain as youthful and beautiful as they were in their early twenties. Unfortunately, that has never been feasible due to that pesky force of nature – gravity. Even the sun, which feels great on the body can make the skin wrinkle. In fact, there is a whole list of other medical ailments that not even the most advanced day spa can completely cure, even though the best spa has come close.

LotionFortunately for us, in the past few months scientists have come one step closer to everlasting beauty. In their most groundbreaking test, they were able to reduce the activity of melanoma producing genes in mice. The way that this was accomplished was by taking the nano particles and infusing them into a commercially available petroleum-based moisturizer. These nano particles target specific genes, and depending on what needs to be done, alter their properties to a more desirable state. This resulted in a lowered risk of skin cancer in their tests, and can be targeted to other aspects of the skin, such as aging. Anti-aging products are one of the most sought after products. On average, to twenty billion dollars per year. Nano particles that can be infused into your favorite body creams could revolutionize the beauty market. Up until now the only way to achieve these kinds of results were through spa services or expensive cosmetic surgery.

The history of the technology involving nano particles in skin therapy, however, is one riddled with failures and false starts. Many companies have thought to have found the fountain of youth, and ended up going bankrupt in the process of trying to get successful results. It is best to remain skeptical, but don’t be surprised if you see a lotion at your favorite day spa claiming to be able to reverse skin damage in the very near future!

Until the future gets here and we are all able to look like we are 25 well into our middle ages, the day spa is the best place to receive rejuvenation for your body and mind. The best spa will not only provide stimulation to your body and face to provide brighter, more youthful skin, there are also spa services that will ease your mind into a state of bliss. Here at Athena, there are dozens of spa services tailored just for you. There are hundreds of spas around but Athena is the best spa you will find. Come let us pamper you until the fountain of youth is found.

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