Get Gorgeous Hair This Summer With the Right Stylist

Get Gorgeous Hair This Summer With the Right Stylist

Get Gorgeous Hair This Summer With the Right Stylist

As the cold, wet days of winter and spring are behind us, it’s time to start thinking about your fresh summer hairstyle! The season of parties, vacations, and social events is here, and you definitely want to look your very best, from your hair to your nail polish. But not every hair stylist that you try will be a match made in heaven, so if you haven’t found your stylist soul mate yet, now is the time to get hunting. When you finally do settle on someone that you know and trust, you’ll be able to sit back and relax, knowing you will walk out of the salon feeling great every time, whether you got a cut and color, a blowout, or just a trim.

So how do you go about finding your perfect hairstylist in Fort Collins, Loveland, or the surrounding areas? There are many to choose from, so here are a few tips to help you narrow down the choices.

  1. Location

You don’t have to travel very far to get a fantastic haircut, so begin your search in a radius that is close to where you live and work. There are plenty of amazing stylists in Northern Colorado, which can save you both time and money by not having to commute a long way every few months for touchups. Look for salons that are near by, for maximum convenience!

  1. Color specialty

If you have a specific color technique for your hair, or want to try a new hair color trend, be sure that your stylist has the training and experience to pull it off, and has credentials as a colorist. For people whose hair is especially tricky, or has endured lots of processing in the past, it’s worth it to seek out a stylist who specializes in these things, and can show a portfolio of their color work.

  1. Affordability

You shouldn’t skimp when it comes to your hair, but there’s nothing wrong with doing a bit of price shopping. Your stylist should be someone who you can afford to see regularly, even just for a blowout or a bang trim, as this will save you more money in the long run by avoiding any DIY hairstyle disasters.

  1. Personal touch

Getting your hair done is an intimate experience, and you want to feel welcomed and relaxed during your time at the salon. It’s amazing when you can walk in and be greeted by friendly faces and a calm atmosphere, and it will make your hairstyle experience so much better. Take the time to really get to know the salon and the staff, to find the best one for your personality.

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