A woman with some summer hair and looking in the camera.

Get Ready for Summer

A woman with some summer hair and looking in the camera.

Summer Hair CC Photo Courtesy of Daniel Zedda

It’s been a tough winter for many across the country. Whether you faced frigid temps or multiple feet of snow, your skin and hair probably suffered a bit over time. The drier air takes its toll in the form of itchy, flaking skin and dry hair, and all of the layers you pile on to keep warm can lead to dull winter skin. Let’s face it–underneath all of those layers, no one can see our skin anyway, so many of us slack in the skincare department.

But spring is here, which means it’s time to get a jump start on prepping your skin and hair for summer! If you start now, you’ll be glowing and radiant in no time, ready to rock shorts and tanks. Here are ways you can get your skin ready at home on those days you aren’t visiting spas in Windsor.

Feed Your Hair

When you head to your Fort Collins day spa, you might take advantage of one of the many deep conditioning treatments for your hair. But what if you can’t make it to the spa? Simple coconut oil is like a magic elixir, feeding your thirsty hair with no harsh chemicals. If you’ve never done a deep conditioning treatment for your hair, now is a great time to start.

Simply melt two tablespoons of coconut oil and apply to your dry hair. You don’t have to melt it if you are short on time, but you’ll need to take longer to melt the oil in your hands before you put it on your hair for the best results. If you have an oily scalp, stick to the ends only. If you suffer from dandruff or just a dry, itchy scalp, go ahead and get some oil up in those roots–it will hydrate your scalp AND your hair!

It’s best to do this treatment overnight. The longer it can soak into the hair, the better. Be sure you wrap an old T-shirt around your hair, or put on a shower cap. This is to keep the oil from getting all over your pillow, and it also helps to keep it on your hair for the best results. You can do it during the day, but you’ll still want to pull it up and cover it. Just be sure to leave it in for at least three hours. When you’re ready to rinse it out, you will need to shampoo a few times in order to get all of the oil out of your hair. Once you’re done, you’ll notice hydrated, silky smooth, shiny hair that everyone notices.


To bring that healthy glow back to your skin, be sure to exfoliate a couple of times a week. This ensures the dead dry skin is removed, revealing the healthy, glowing skin underneath. To get best results, start by dry brushing your skin from the bottom up. Follow this up with a shower that isn’t too hot, which can irritate your skin after brushing. In that shower, use a mitt that is textured along with a body scrub in order to attack that stubborn dead skin.

Once you’ve finished, it’s time to slather on a good moisturizer. After an exfoliation, the richer the better–try a body butter.

File Those Feet

So you can’t make it in for a Windsor pedicure. Not to worry–do your own version at home! Just grab a foot file, one of the easiest ways to tackle those hardened areas of your feet. It’s easiest to do this when your feet are dry–it helps you to see the areas that need attention, and allows for a better grip on the file. As with exfoliating your body, always follow up the filing with a good, deep moisturizer to replenish the new skin before it can become dry and hard.

Exercise and Diet

Did you know that simply exercising in the morning can add a gorgeous glow to your skin? Make it a habit to hit the gym or go for a jog to start your day.

In the same way, what you put in your body can manifest itself on the outside of your body. Drink lots of water to help your body keep your skin hydrated, and foods rich in vitamin C help the body fight damage caused by free radicals. If citrus isn’t your thing, many vegetables contain C, like spinach. Don’t forget to choose foods rich in vitamin B – this vitamin is essential for your skin, nail, and hair growth. Choose cheese, eggs, seafood, or red meat to get more vitamin B into your life.

Be ready for summer, and start getting yourself ready to bare your skin!

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