Get Ready For The Holidays At Your Favorite Salon

Get Ready For The Holidays At Your Favorite Salon

Get Ready For The Holidays At Your Favorite Salon

The season of parties and traveling is here, and we all want to look our best and feel confident when making new friends and catching up with long lost relatives. Most of us are quite busy this time of year, between shopping, wrapping up work projects, and organizing get-togethers, and perhaps we don’t have the energy left over to spend on ourselves. This is where having a great neighborhood salon can come in handy!

Leave the primping and pampering up to the pros, and focus on enjoying the good food and company that makes this time of year so special. Here are 5 must-do salon services for your holiday look:

  1. Hair cut

There’s nothing like feeling fresh and light after a hair cut, especially if it’s been a while since your last one. Make your appointment a few days before any major event, to give your locks the chance to settle into your new look. Then get ready to turn heads!

  1. Manicure

One of the first things people notice about you is your hands, and now is the time to let them shine with a fun, seasonal nail color. Ask your salon pro about shades that look good with your complexion, and will complement your new holiday outfits.

  1. Blowout

If you suffer from limp, fine, or color-treated hair, a blowout may be the perfect solution to give you the lift and body you’ve been wanting. Book your blowout before an event, or simply add it on to a hair cut appointment to get an idea of your hair’s possibilities.

  1. Make up application

Sometimes, doing your makeup is a lot of effort, and you somehow still don’t end up looking the way you’d like to. Let a salon artist give you a full makeover, and teach you a few tricks to keep your skin, lips, and eyes looking runway-worthy.

  1. Facial

The dry winter air can wreak havoc on your skin, so now is the perfect time to book a facial. You’ll experience smooth, plump, glowing skin, giving you a boost of confidence for your holiday social events. Just be sure to book your facial several days ahead of a major event, to allow any redness to recede.

When you need a hand getting ready for the holidays, give us a call. Or if you know someone who would love a little pampering, ask us about our gift certificates!

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