Get a Summer Tan Without the Sun


Summer is finally here in Colorado, and it’s time to pull the cute dresses and tank tops out of your closet. But if they don’t look that great against your pale winter skin, you may be thinking of how to get a tan, and fast! You may not have time for a beach vacation, and you may not want the dangers of tanning beds, so spray tans may be the perfect solution for you. There are many perks of choosing to go sunless with your tanning this season, and here are just a few of them!

1. No weird tan lines

In the controlled privacy of a sunless tanning booth, you can get a smooth, even glow from head to toe. No need to worry about weird lines around your shoulders or hips!

2. Low time commitment

Lying out in the sun may work to give you a tan, but it takes a long time to build up a nice color this way. With spray tanning, you can get that golden hue you want in mere minutes.

3. Long-lasting

With advanced sunless tanning technology, you can enjoy your tan for several weeks before ever needing a touch up. And that beats the old way of slathering on tanning lotion every few days!

4. Minimal health risks

We all know that spending hours in the hot summer sun isn’t great for our skin, and can lead to irritation, burning, inflammation, and other nasty side effects. Our sunless tanning system contains no parabens, and is safe to use over and over again!

Want to give sunless spray tanning a try this year? Make your appointment at Athena Spa and Salon today! Also, ask us about our gift certificates, so you can bring a friend to your tanning sessions too!

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