Get the Most from Your Salon Products

Athena has followed the trend of moving away from makeup with fillers and added chemicals, and toward salon products that not only make you look great, but are healthy for your skin, too! Follow these tips for home cosmetic safety, to make sure you get the most out of your salon products:


  • Be very careful when applying mascara. One of the most common injuries from using cosmetics is scratching the eye with the mascara wand. Because of this, do not apply mascara in any moving vehicle and pay careful attention while applying your mascara.
  • Do not share makeup brushes or sponges. These can pick up bacteria from your skin and transfer them to your friend. Along these lines, do not moisten your makeup brushes with your saliva. Use clean water if necessary.
  • Wash your hands before applying makeup in order to limit the bacteria you are rubbing into your face. Do your best to avoid touching your face throughout the day.
  • Wash your makeup off before going to sleep. The bad habit of sleeping in your makeup not only prevents your skin from breathing and gathers oils, but it can also flake into your eyes while you sleep, causing itching, redness, infections, or scratches. Plus, you will feel better in the morning after sleeping without makeup on!
  • Keep your makeup containers closed tightly between use, so that they will stay fresh longer and so that you can limit the bacteria getting into them from the air.
  • Keep your makeup away from the sun and the heat, like in your hot car or near a window. The heat can kill the preservatives in your makeup so that they will no longer fight off bacteria.
  • Do not inhale aerosols or powders, which can cause lung damage.
  • Replace your products often, or as recommended, especially products that are used around the eye. Replace mascara three months after purchase, especially if it becomes dry. Store products as directed, and discard them on their expiration date. If you are using all natural products that do not have preservatives, they might have a shorter shelf life and will need to be replaced more often.

eye makeup safety

If you are worried about additives and harmful ingredients in your makeup, you can have peace of mind with our salon products that your skin will love and that won’t harm your body. Here at Athena, we offer Jane Iredale makeup products which are specially concocted to be free of chemicals! Visit their website or stop by to try out our salon products and learn more about them.

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