Getting Ready for Your Wedding Day with the Help of Spa and Salon Services


So, your wedding day is coming up, and naturally you want to look and feel your best. After you’ve taken care of the big items on your to-do list like finding the perfect dress, you need to take some time to prepare yourself both physically and mentally for this event.

One of the best ways to do this is by getting a little assistance from the beauty experts at your local spa and salon. These knowledgeable professionals can help you de-stress and look your best in preparation for your big day.

Just like every bride is different, there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to wedding spa packages. You may want to do everything—hair, makeup, nails, massage—all at once, or you may prefer to spread things out over the course of the preceding two or three weeks. You can decide what works best for you, but here are some of our suggestions for when and how to take care of your spa and salon sessions:

 Hair and Makeup


If you don’t already have a plan for how you want your hair and makeup to look on your wedding day, start finding photos of ‘dos and makeup trends that you like. Scour bridal magazines and stalk celebrity red carpet photos to find styles that you think might suit your hair, your face, and your personality.

At least a few weeks before the event, set up a salon appointment with your favorite stylist and bring the photos with you. Ask for his or her recommendations about what styles would work best and which are possible, and experiment a little with different options.

Get your hair cut and colored far enough in advance of the big day so that you can make changes if something goes wrong. Finally, set up an appointment the day of your wedding to get your hair styled and your makeup done exactly the way you want it.



One afternoon during the week preceding your wedding, set aside some time to get your nails done. You may consider including your bridesmaids in on this salon appointment, for some last-minute, pre-wedding girl time.

Tell your manicurist about your event and your colors so she or he can recommend the best nail services for you. You’ll probably want to invest in a long-lasting Shellac manicure so that your nails still look great when the day arrives.

Spa and Salon Services


Planning a wedding can be stressful, so in between all your preparations, take some time to pamper yourself. Many spas offer wedding spa packages for you and your husband-to-be to share together. Consider getting a couple’s massage or indulging in a facial—you may even want to set up appointments for both before and after you get married.

Spa services not only help you feel great—they can help you look great as well. If you have specific concerns like blackheads, uneven skin tone, or fine lines, there are treatments that will help eliminate these issues in time for your big day. Talk to a spa or salon consultant to find out what your options are.

There are wedding spa packages to suit every bride and every budget. With a little pampering and preparation, you’ll be looking and feeling great when the big day arrives.

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