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Gift Ideas for This Christmas Season

AJ Allens

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Salon products are hot items this time of year for stocking stuffers and gifts under the tree. We love the versatility of the ideas: men, women, and even children will love these gifts. Have you ever seen a three-year-old’s face when she realizes that she can get a manicure just like Mommy gets? Yep, that’s worth every penny. But in the last-minute crunch of buying gifts, it’s often difficult to decide what the best gift may be. Never fear – we’ll break down some of the best spa and salon options for everyone on your list.

The Beauty Queen

She may not have won any pageants, but you know she’s a beauty queen all the same. This type of person loves all kinds of makeup, nail art, pedicures, hair treatments, and more. Here are some great ways to help her tap into that creative source of beauty. Begin with a Bright Future Eye Shadow Compact from Jane Iredale Makeup. You both can feel good about this gift, since 100% of the proceeds will go toward the organization Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a foundation dedicated to helping women who are affected by the disease. Jane Iredale Makeup alone has been able to raise over $250,000 for the cause in five years. You’ll love the five eye shadow choices in this box: pink glaze, peach sherbet, dusk, red carpet, and pink cloud. Along with eye shadow, pick up a Chocoholicks palette of lip gloss in a range of colors. Each one has its own chocolate-infused flavor: blood orange, espresso, very berry, and chili pepper. The glosses come with a gold brush for precise application. There’s no better way to give the beauty queen great-tasting lip gloss that moisturizes her lips and boosts their fullness.

The Busy Mom

What’s better for a busy mom than a makeup palette she can fit in her purse? The Jane Iredale Sample Kit is just that: PurePressed Base, blush, eye shadow, CircleDelete, lip moisturizer, and lip color. The colors complement most skin tones and ensure that she keeps looking beautiful throughout the day. And with vegan, gluten-free ingredients that are not tested on animals, she can feel good about treating herself right. When she gets home, let her indulge in the Farm House Fresh Sundae Best Chocolate Softening Mask. This mask include cocoa, honey, and coconut milk, along with enzymes to boost the body’s natural defenses against wrinkles. After using it, her skin will feel smoother, tighter, and more radiant. Or, for a dash of humor, pick up the “Smooth as a Duck’s Butt” tote for all her errands.

The Adventurous Man

The Honey Bushel Basket Gift Set from Farm House Fresh is a great idea for the man in your life. This set includes the Honey Heel Glaze Moisture Veil and the Whipped Honey Fine Body Scrub, a customer favorite. The woven basket and brown straw packaging keep the set from looking too girly. A wooden spoon accompanies the body scrub, which is high in Vitamin E, to keep him scooping and moisturizing for a long time. If he wants some facial coverage that doesn’t look like makeup, you can order the Jane Iredale HE line of products. The sample kit includes lip balm, a bronzer, and a facial brush. This allows him to even out his skin tone in a completely natural way, without looking like he’s wearing any makeup at all!

Even the Child

Think a little more simply for this one, just because most children aren’t using a full line of makeup products yet. For the kid on your list, pick up a bottle of nail polish in a color they love, choose another salon product, or schedule a spa trip together. Not only will this be a fun excursion for them, but it’s a great way for you to teach spa etiquette and the enjoyment of going to the spa. Your little one can enjoy a manicure, haircut, or a mini facial.

And Everyone Else …

Perhaps there’s a random person left on your list: a secret Santa from work, or your mother-in-law, or perhaps the neighbor down the street who always gives you a thoughtful gift. You don’t have to know the person well to give a good present. This is where salon gift cards are an excellent idea. That lets you give the person a great spa experience while letting them choose what that is. Gift certificates here at Athena Salon & Spa come in a range of price and time options. Feel free to customize depending on the person receiving the card. Some people may simply want a haircut, while others are dying for a manicure. Either way, a gift certificate is a good way to say “you deserve some pampering this busy season.” You can be sure it’s a gift they’ll love!

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