Going Short? 2 Things to Know Before Your Next Haircut


Many women are shearing off their locks for something fresh and modern these days, especially in the heat of summer. Short hair is having a moment right now, and it can be incredibly freeing and empowering! However, it needs a different kind of maintenance than long hair does, and too many women don’t know how to keep their new short ‘do looking its best, or how to choose the right style for them. Here are two crucial tips for you to use when you go to your local Windsor salon, and to use at home after your haircut!

  1. Honor what you’re working with

There are many factors that influence what a new hairstyle will look like, but two of them are your face shape and your hair texture. These can’t easily be changed, so be willing to take these things into consideration when choosing a style. Something that looks amazing on a woman with kinky hair and a heart-shaped face probably won’t suit someone with superfine hair and an oval-shaped face! Bring examples or pictures of styles you like, and ask a salon pro for advice too.

  1. Don’t be afraid of product

When your locks are short, you don’t have the same pull of gravity to help you maintain a style, and this is where products come in. A dollop of mousse, pomade, wax, or gel can go a long way to give you the look you want, that will stay put through the day. There are many wonderful products out there today, that are tailored to different hair types, and are free from harsh chemicals, so ask your stylist what is best!

If you are ready to go short with your hair, the advice of an experienced stylist can make a world of difference. Come on down to Athena Spa & Salon today and get started! Don’t forget to ask us about our gift certificates too!

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