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Why Green Spas Matter

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Sustainability is becoming a big issue with more and more people all over the world, and for good reason! It is about saving our planet, and so much more – it’s about educating an entire community about why “going green” is important, and the value of supporting a green business. The Fort Collins spa that is considered “green” protects the planet with everything it does, and through its practices, teaches those who visit how important, and simple, it can be to live in a sustainable manner.

There are many facets to a Windsor salon “going green,” some that most people wouldn’t even consider or notice during a visit to get a facial. Let’s look at what a green spa really is, from every angle. Keep in mind that there are varieties of green spas, all with a different level of commitment to sustainability. There is no right or wrong – any effort towards sustainability is worthwhile!

Product Line: Each product brought into a green spa should be scrutinized before it is included. It is important the product line is natural and organic, and all products should be certified pure with only the highest quality ingredients. The goal is to reduce guest exposure to harmful toxins found in many products on the market today. Even better – these products should be certified fair trade. What, exactly, is that? Workers paid a fair wage create products certified fair trade, and the company selling those products (usually a small business) was also paid a fair price for the goods and services they provided.

Cleaning and Laundry: All cleaning supplies and laundry soap must be environmentally friendly.

Linens: Wherever possible, towels and linens should be made from natural fibers, and recycled materials take this commitment to the next level as well. How often they are cleaned is also a factor to look at.

Water and Energy Consumption: A green spa should minimize the amount of energy and water used, and spas should consider methods for alternatives like solar and even rain barrels.

Recycling: Whenever possible, materials used should be recycled. What’s more, materials used within the building could be made of recycled materials, like flooring and furniture.

Education: All guests should walk away knowing exactly why the Fort Collins spa uses the products they use, and the reasons behind every aspect that makes that spa green. In fact, guests should leave inspired to start greening up their own lives. Many spas place cards and plaques around common areas, so that guests can understand the importance of being green.

Constantly Changing: You can’t just make a bunch of changes to a Windsor salon and call it green. Spas have to work towards sustainability every day, and be open to new techniques to make as many processes as possible environmentally friendly.

Why Choose A Green Spa?

So now that you know the many aspects of a green spa, you might be wondering why it matters. Why should you choose the green Fort Collins spa over any other spa? There are many reasons. First, you want to pamper yourself in the best way possible. What better way than by choosing a spa that only uses products free of harmful toxins and chemicals? When you’re using the best skincare possible, you’ll have the healthiest skin!

When you know that you are receiving spa services from a business that is being respectful of our planet, you’re going to be more relaxed. Isn’t that the secondary goal (sometimes the primary goal!) of going to the spa?

Something many don’t consider is that green spas can actually be more affordable! When conserving energy, that spa will be saving money on heating and water costs. After a period of time, this will be reflected in lower prices for service!

At the end of the day, you’ll just notice that the treatments you receive from a green spa are more effective. You’ll feel great and look even better, and that’s what counts. It’s amazing the difference in your skin when using toxin-laden products instead of the natural choices. Sure, they might make you look good for a period of time, but long-term, what are the effects of those chemicals on your skin? Choose natural and you’ll notice the difference!

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