Hair Color Ideas For The Spring Season

It can be fun to change up your look when the seasons change, and springtime is a popular time to choose a new hair color. Whether your hair is short or long, and whether your style is bold or conservative, there is a perfect shade out there for you! From the fashion runways and celebrity colorists across the world, we bring you some of the hottest hair colors for spring:

  1. Strawberry gold

A warm-hued dirty blonde is back in style, and can work with many different skin types. If you’ve been wanting to try something young and vivacious, this may be the color for you!

  1. Deep chocolate

Just because it’s spring, it doesn’t automatically mean that you have to go with lighter shades. A classic chocolate brown won’t compete with your fun spring wardrobe, and goes well with pretty much every look.

  1. Honeyed blonde

Natural and warm tones in this darker blonde shade are flattering on nearly everyone. Golden brown roots cascading into light honey hues can give depth and youthfulness to your appearance.

  1. Mocha latte

Brown with subtle golden highlights will never go out of style, and this color is especially popular this year. Neutral milk chocolate shades with warm strands can make you look sunkissed without washing out your complexion.

  1. Chestnut ombré

The gradient of dark to light has been in fashion for a while, but you can give it a modern twist with a chestnut color for your tips. Dark and mid brown shades can easily pull off this sophisticated reddish hue.

When you’re ready to update your look for spring, reach out to one of our professional colorists and book your appointment. Want to give someone else the gift of fabulous hair? Ask about our gift certificates!

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