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Hair Extensions – Worth the Risk

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Hair extensions have moved in and out of the fashion world throughout the years, and are making a definite comeback recently. Stars are wearing them on the red carpet, for various movie roles, and for their own enjoyment in the weeks or months between filming.

But hair extensions aren’t just for movie stars. If they are done right, they can look fantastic on anyone. Our Fort Collins hair salons will be happy to discuss the possibility with you. You should also know the pros and cons of the procedure before you decide.

PROS. Hair extensions are an excellent, easy way to change your look. You might want to update your hairstyle for a special occasion or a weekend away. Since the extensions have a limited lifetime, you can experiment with different weaves or patterns. Stylists at the hair salon are experts at adding the extensions with exactly the color and pattern you want. It’s a great way to have fun without a long transition to another hair style.

Extensions also let you try out the look and feel of long hair before committing to growing it out. Do you love the look but not the maintenance? Do you have the patience to wash and dry it as often as needed? Long hair often shows oil more quickly than short, so you’ll need to be prepared to shower or rub in dry shampoo.

CONS. Extensions usually damage the ends of hair, so be prepared to snip a couple inches off the bottom when you have them removed. Some people complain that the extensions were too heavy for their scalp or caused itching. The extensions also mean you must be prepared to take care of longer hair.

At a hair salon, extensions are added into a cross-hatching of your hair, right along the parted sections. Of course, the parts are staggered to create a natural, even look. The real hair and the extension are tightly braided and painted with a bonding solution. A heated clamp then melts the solution, sealing both sections of hair together. Most extensions will last up to four months.

Because the process of adding and removing extensions is delicate, it is not something you should attempt on your own. Fort Collins hair salons are available to take the stress out of adding these locks to your hair.

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