Hair Salon Fashion Trends for Summer 2013

Summer 2013 is coming fast, which means it’s time to hit the hair salon to update your updo for the new season! Athena Salon and Spa is one of the best Fort Collins hair salons, and our talented stylists are already three steps ahead of you when it comes to the best salon fashion trends for this summer.

When you walk into Athena’s hair salon, keep these trends in mind to guide your conversation with your stylist:

-Play with colors! Natural hair is always beautiful, but if you are looking to mix it up, think red this summer: bright red, copper hues, and hints of red highlights are all making an appearance at Fort Collins hair salons this year. If that seems too adventurous to you, you could go for on ombre look – dark on top and dark on bottom are both looking good this season!

-Straight hair is back! Ask your hair salon stylist which products you should use to keep your locks healthy and straight in the hot summer months. If your hair is naturally wavy, don’t worry about straightening out all the kinks – just blow-dry with a large barrel brush for a straight-ish look.

glamorous looks and red hair are both in style this season

Red hair with a glamorous style – perfect for Summer 2013!

-Try a new part this summer! Ask your stylist what ideas they have that might look good with the shape of your face and the natural growth pattern of your hair. This year’s trends are forgiving, and you can easily get by with a side part, middle part, or even slicking all of your hair straight back from the front.

-If you like to keep it simple, you are in luck this season because low-slung ponytails and buns at the nape of the neck are both classy and stylish this summer. For a simple bun that is stylish enough for all of your summer events, just start with a low ponytail and twist into a bun, secure with another hair tie and add a couple bobby pins for good measure. If you are planning on this as your go-to style for summer, be sure to let your stylist know so she can give you the best salon advice!

-If you are more of a high-maintenance girl, you may prefer to follow the retro-glamorous look that is also in style this season. As a guide, think of any hairstyle you might have expected to see in a vintage fashion magazine. While these styles may take more work, the outcome will be beautiful and will fit right in with this season’s fashion!

-Bangs are back, and are quite varied this season as well. For best results, ask your stylist what trend would best match your face and hair type. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone and try something shorter or fringier than ever before! This is the season to give it a shot.

-When in doubt, accessorize! Headbands, embellished clips, and pretty bows are all great ways to add some style with minimal work on your part.

As you prepare to visit your favorite hair salon, use these tips as a guide while looking for photos of hair trends you like in magazines or on the web. The stylists at Athena Salon and Spa, one of the top Fort Collins hair salons, are looking forward to giving your hairstyle an update for Summer 2013!

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