Hair Salon Tips: To Get Bangs or Not to Get Bangs

If you’re bored with your look or want to update your hairstyle, you may want to consider getting bangs. Depending on the bangs that you choose, they can offer either a dramatic or subtle change to your hairstyle. However, before the big chop you’ll want to consult with Athena Salon and Spa, your local Windsor hair salon to decide what type of bangs are right for your face shape, how long they should be and also how thick they should be cut.

Before cutting bangs it’s a good idea to study your face shape. Your face will more than likely resemble a circle, square, oval or heart. Different types of bangs will flatter different face shapes.

Round Face

If you have a round face it’s advised to choose a hair or bang style that highlights its best attributes and doesn’t contribute to making your face look even wider and rounder than it is. Girl With BangsChoosing bangs that will elongate your face visually are the best bet; this includes bangs that are long and side-swept. Avoid short or heavy bangs. They will only add width to the sides of your face.

Square Face

This is the least common face shape and when it comes to bangs, it’s important to go with a bang that softens the squareness of the face. Avoid blunt bangs as well as bangs that hang straight down to the eyebrows as this may merely call attention to an already overly-square jaw line. It is recommended that those with a square shaped face go with bangs that are layered and are just barely side swept.

Heart Shaped Face

Those with heart shaped faces are known for their lovely bone structure. To take advantage of this natural feature, off center bangs that are swept to the side and cut at about eye length are highly recommended as this cut will detract from a sharp chin. Short bangs may also work as long as they remain light and wispy rather than heavy.

Oval Face

Oval-shaped faces are fairly common and are the best face shape for sporting bangs. Bangs are recommended to give the illusion of width at the sides. Those with thick hair may want to try a heavy, shorter bang while those with thin hair may want to go with long, layered bangs.

Whatever your face shape, the hair stylists and salon services available at Athena Salon and Spa will be sure to update your hairstyle and leave you looking your best.

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