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Hairstyles to Help You Look Younger

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The way you wear your hair can have a great impact on your overall look. The hair stylists in our Fort Collins hair salon recommend these easy tips for cuts, colors, and styles to keep you looking young!

Bangs: Avoid wispy strands that could look stringy, and opt instead for full, side-swept bangs that frame your face. Similarly, avoid blunt, choppy bangs which can look too harsh. Bangs offer many benefits – they hide forehead wrinkles and draw attention away from crow’s feet and toward your eyes.

Texture: Straight hair can help you look younger than traditional curls. Keep the volume up top, with straight ends. For a little more movement, add a very slight wave to the middle sections of your hair. Don’t go for a look that’s too well-kept or symmetrical. Younger looks are more random, loose, and free.

Color: Opt for rich, dark colors which will make you look vibrant and fresh. Our skin and hair loses color as we age, so the more color you can add back to it, the younger you will look! If you’d prefer to stay blonde, go for a darker, honey-blonde rather than an ashy look, and be careful to keep up with your roots.

Highlights: Be sure to ask for some highlighting, even if it’s subtle, to keep your hair from looking too flat and to add dimension to your face. Highlights that frame your face will help your complexion look brighter. Keep the contrast minimal – within a few shades of your natural hue in either direction.

Part: A center part might look severe or uptight. Try moving your part to the side, and adding body to the top and curl to the bottom, for a sleek, simple look. A side part is more playful, and distracts from any imperfections in your face.

Volume: Maintaining volume is also helpful for maintaining a youthful appearance by drawing the eye upward and outward. Anything that fights gravity will help you look younger by adding an appearance of fullness and health and disguising thinning hair. Keep the volume in the back.

Our Favorite Hairstyles for Looking Young, from the Athena Fort Collins Hair Salon

Try a ponytail! This girlish style works no matter your age. Place it lower for a more polished look or higher on your crown for a mini-facelift. Tie it off with thin elastic, and then wrap a piece of hair around the elastic to complete the look.

An A-line bob is another polished look that can keep you looking younger without leaving your comfort zone. Or use layers in a similar way to point to your best features, like high cheekbones or a great jawline.

Talk to an Expert

Athena Salon and Spa has some of the best-trained stylists in Fort Collins. We are experienced in helping our clients look their best every time they come in, and are happy to give you tips and suggestions for changing your cut to maximize your youthful appearance!

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