Hairstylist Vidal Sassoon Dies at Age 84

Beauty Salon legend and famous hairdresser Vidal Sassoon died this month at age 84 at his home in Los Angeles, California. His death is confirmed to be from natural causes because Mr. Sassoon was fighting leukemia. He is survived by his fourth wife and three children.


While many people have used the Vidal Sassoon line, they do not know the story behind one of the best salon hair products in the market. Vidal Sassoon was born in London in 1928 to a poor family. His mom knew her son was meant to work in the beauty industry and she was right. Vidal began as an apprentice in a beauty salon in London when he was only 14. He opened his first salon in 1954 with a vision of what he didn’t want hair to be like. He prided himself on keeping the best salon with nicely groomed employees and a structured environment. Clients had to trust that his way was best and not try to convince him of what they wanted.

Sassoon’s hair salon led the way in haircut trends for women. In the 50s and 60s, he created the new haircut for women that used geometric shapes and angles to compliment the women’s facial structure. Women with these haircuts no longer needed to wear curlers and pile their hair high above their head with sprays. He created a new kind of confident sexy look for women that did not require them to visit a beauty salon every week. His hair salon became famous for creating the look that didn’t need to be slicked back and drew clients such as the creator of the mini skirt. This new trend led to changes in fashion and dress and became the modern look desired for women all across London and America.

Vidal Sassoon’s hair salon business took off and he eventually opened more than 20 locations in places like New York, London, and Beverly Hills. Clients and celebrities knew that he had the best salon in the country and would even pay him up to $5000 to cut their hair. He had a gift for cutting hair and changed the entire industry’s outlook. Clients now were seeking his sensual haircuts that you could run your fingers through.  He eventually created a product line to compliment his new styles and was one of the first product lines to be bought by a large company. His products are still in the market and he will be remembered as the man that changed the hair industry.

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