Curly hair

Here’s How You’re Breaking Your Hair!

Curly hair

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Did you know that your hair can break? Hair can literally snap in pieces at certain lengths leaving you with small little remnants of the tresses that once were. Yikes! There are so many habits that we all do daily that can lead to breakage, and you may not even know that your hair on on its brittle last legs. Take it from your Windsor hair salon experts, you’re probably doing more than one thing that will eventually lead to broken hair – here’s how to stop.

Brushing your hair when it’s wet. We all do this, but we should really stop! Your hair is far more susceptible to breakage and damage when it’s wet, so dragging a comb through your hair when its in that vulnerable state is not a good thing. But, you do have to get ready for work and for your life, so what’s a better way to style your hair in the morning? Use a wide-tooth comb, and comb your hair while running conditioner through it in the shower. Or, if your hair is not that tangled, use your fingers and some eco-friendly detangler to work out the knots.

 The turban twist. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when this trend began, but wrapping your head up in a towel turned turban after a shower is not a good idea. First, most towel materials are too harsh for your hair, so you should use a 100% cotton hair wrap or old t-shirt instead of a towel. Second, hair is so very weak in its wet stage, so tying it up tightly in a towel is simply torturous to your locks. If possible, let your hair air dry.

 Too much heat. Those of us that live in cold climates know it’s impossible to go outside during the winter months with wet hair, that’s just not going to work. You can use the cold setting on your hair dryer, though, so that you aren’t using so much heat. If you do need to use something like a flat iron or curling iron, make sure to spray heat protectant on your hair before using any of these styling tools. Ask the professionals at your Windsor hair salon about the right heat protection to use.

 Not getting enough nutrients. What you eat has a lot to do with the health of your hair, which makes sense if you think about it. Fad dieting tends to mean that you probably aren’t getting all the nutrients you should be, so these diets really don’t help. Instead, ramp up the protein (hair is made of protein, so the more you eat the more your hair will grow), and make sure that you are eating well.

 Tying your hair up in a tight bun. Most of us do this when we hit the gym because who wants wet sweaty hair hanging in their face? Yuck! Instead of a tight bun, try a loose braid or use a soft cotton headband. You’ll still get your hair out of your face, but you won’t cause any damage.

 Not washing your hair frequently enough. Okay, so you may have heard that washing your hair regularly can be a bad thing, and that’s true, but you have to consider your habits. If you are sweating it out at the gym three days per week and only washing your hair one day per week, your scalp will be clogged with dirty and sweat and grease and all kinds of other things – not to mention the styling products you probably use! So, make sure to wash your hair twice per week to get rid of all that gunk. If your pores become too clogged, hair won’t grow, and could result in damage.

 Help from Your Windsor Hair Salon

If you have noticed that your hair is breaking, dry, or thinning, it could be due to any one of the things listed above, but we can help. Our Windsor salon experts can provide you with tips and information, and we offer many different hair strengthening treatments at our Windsor salon as well. Don’t panic if your hair is breaking, just give us a call, or find us on Facebook for more details.

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