Holiday Weight Loss Tips: Cookies, Cakes and Breads, Oh My!

The Christmas tree, the lights, the gifts, the parties and gatherings of friends and family, it’s the happiest time of the year… unless you’re watching your weight, in which case Christmas quickly becomes the most dangerous time of the year. Constantly confronted with sugar and calorie-laden land mines that could easily destroy all of your hard work, the holiday season is the worst time of the year for watching one’s weight.

If you’ve been watching your weight this year and wish to maintain your weight during the holiday season check out these holiday weight loss tips.

Regular Meals

A hectic holiday schedule is no reason to stray from a regular meal schedule. Make time for a regular meal schedule that consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t skip meals or wait to eat until late in the day.

Plan Ahead

When it comes to maintaining your weight during holiday party season, it’s all about preparation. Avoid attending parties on an empty stomach. Eat a small meal before heading out to help curb your appetite, that way you can stick to trying out a treat here or there without gorging yourself.


Completely denying yourself wonderful holiday treats can often leave you feeling restricted which can result in binges. But allowing three trips to the dessert buffet isn’t doing you any good either. Therefore, stick with trying a little bit of several different kinds of treats.


The holidays are busy but if you’re going to maintain your weight during the Christmas season, it’s imperative to stick to your regular workout routine. Not only is daily exercise and physical activity a good way to combat holiday calories but it can brighten up your outlook during an otherwise potentially stressful time of year.


While it’s fun to imbibe during the holiday season, it’s important to keep alcohol consumption in moderation during the holidays. Alcoholic beverages are full of empty calories, can cause bloating and consuming too much can make you feel less-than-jolly the next day.

Hypnosis Weight Loss

Our thoughts play a large role in our realities, therefore thinking correctly can often have tangible effects on our everyday lives. Hypnosis weight loss is a concept that involves giving suggestions to the unconscious mind that can change the way you think about food and your body. These suggestions can help to lose weight, eliminate cravings or give you more willpower. Here are some statements that you may want to try this holiday season.

“I will only eat when I’m hungry”

“I will stop eating when I’m full”

“I will maintain my weight during the holiday season and still enjoy myself”

“I will remain physically active this holiday season”

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