The Hottest Nail Color Trends For Fall

The Hottest Nail Color Trends For Fall

The Hottest Nail Color Trends For Fall

Every season, the freshest new trends hit the beauty and wellness scene, and nail color is one of the easiest and most fun to play with. There’s nothing like going to your favorite salon for a manicure, and getting to pick a great new shade for your upcoming classes, dinner parties, or fall outings. Whether you need something understated for the office, or you want something eye-catching to go apple-picking at your local orchard, there are some wonderful new hues that are coming into fashion right now.

Express yourself with one of these hot new nail trends for fall! 

  1. Gunmetal

Metallics are still in, but this season it’s all about going dark and sultry. Gunmetal gray is a popular new color, perfect for your next manicure, and goes great with every outfit. Just a hint of shimmer tops off this deep neutral shade, and it’s ideal for any occasion.

  1. “Gravy” blue

In contrast to the classic reds of the nail art scene, navy blue offers something different and uniquely sophisticated. This year, they’ve toned it down a bit with a soft gray, making a tempting yet feminine, “gravy blue” color. Perfect for the working woman or academically-minded lady, this soft, deep blue is sure to turn heads.

  1. Burnt sienna

Think of the autumn colors, or the romantic American Southwest, and you’ll see burnt sienna among the other shades of orange, red, and brown. This gorgeous nail color is ideal for people who like the warmer tones, but want something that will make them stand out. It really pops against a nice, neutral wardrobe too.

  1. Linen

White’s more grown-up, sophisticated cousin, linen brings the freshness of white and the softness of cream, for a truly classy shade. This is great when you need something that is neutral for work or social situations, but you want to step outside the typical French manicure. Linen goes well with everything, and is always flattering.

  1. Chocolate

Rich and creamy, chocolate is always a fall favorite, but one that you may have overlooked before. Don’t be afraid to step into the dark, sensuous world of cocoa, caramel, and coffee- you’ll be thrilled with the dimension it brings to your autumn style!

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