How Do You Know if a Weight Loss Program is Right for You?


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How do you know what type of a weight loss program is right for you? It is a great question to explore if you are looking to drop a few pounds. All too often we jump on the bandwagon of the new fad diet only to lose a few pounds then gain them right back, plus more. If you truly find the right weight loss program, you will find lasting success. So how do you do it? What questions should you ask yourself?

First ask yourself…”What am I looking for?” Are you trying to release a few pounds quickly for a special event or are you looking for lasting results? If a few pounds for a few days is all you are looking to do, a fad diet may work just fine. But if you are looking to keep the pounds off for good then you need something more. My guess is that most of you are looking for a lifetime at a healthy weight.

Then ask, “Is the new plan manageable for a lifetime?” In my mind this is the truest test for success. If the plan seems impossible to live by, will it keep the weight off forever? Remember a change in your weight requires a change in your lifestyle. You need to create lasting habits if you really want to see lasting results. So if the plan is requiring you to live off of 800 calories a day and take shots, will it really work forever…probably not. Here is a list below of a few more questions that will help you decide what may or may not work best.

1. Is the program educational? Will it TEACH you how to be healthy for the rest of your life?
If the program teaches you how to be healthy, it empowers you for a lifetime.

2. Is the consultant knowledgeable? Does she/he have a track record of success stories?

3. Will it keep you motivated? Are there goals you will need to meet and ways to keep you accountable?

4. Are there opportunities for continued support once you have released the weight?

5. When you hit plateaus, are there strategies to help you get past them?

6. Is this a realistic plan that will still allow life to be normal? That is can you take vacations, go out with friends, etc and still manage to release weight?

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