How Hypnosis for Weight Loss Works

If you’re overweight, weight loss is a good idea for a number of reasons including your overall health and wellness, in addition to the fact that weight loss is often accompanied by increased self-confidence, which can help in every aspect of our lives. So how does one go about losing weight? Well there is an array of methods available for losing weight in today’s society from diets to workouts to herbs and pills, it seems that everyone has the new miracle weight loss answer.

There are many that now believe that the mind plays a larger role in our everyday lives than we originally realized and have therefore linked mindset to weight loss which has introduced a new concept called hypnosis weight loss. Hypnosis occurs when your state of consciousness is changed. Proponents of hypnosis weight loss believe that hypnosis can change the way you think about food which can eliminate cravings, give you more willpower and help you stay on board with an exercise routine.

Hypnosis works by giving suggestions to the subconscious mind that will hopefully not only eliminate the bad habit that caused you to gain weight in the first place, but can also help to implement new healthier habits to help you lose the weight. Here are some common areas that hypnosis weight loss can help with.


Hypnotists can offer suggestions for snacking that are customized to your needs. They will often try to identify what causes you to reach for a snack and try to eliminate those habits. They may also use hypnosis to help you chose healthier foods to snack on.


Hypnotic suggestions to eliminate overeating may include subconscious commands such as ‘You will only eat when you’re hungry “or “You will stop eating when you’re full”. The hypnotist may also try to find the reasons why you’re overeating and remove those subconscious beliefs that cause you to overeat in the first place. People often don’t understand why they’re overeating, so once they do understand the reasoning behind the tendency they can create a solution.


We all know that exercise is a vital part of losing weight; therefore your hypnotist can include some subconscious suggestions to help you motivate and get more active. They may use statements such as “I enjoy going to the gym” or “I will make a strong effort to be more active”.

Check out your local Windsor spa for more ideas on hypnosis weight loss, overall wellness, weight loss and the impact your mindset has on your weight loss goals.

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