How to Achieve a Fun and Flirty Messy Bun

If you’ve been looking for some fun, funky, trendy or even sophisticated updo’s, the expert stylists at Athena hair salon are ready to give you the look that you’ve been waiting for. However, if you prefer to try some styles on your own and from the comfort of home, a messy bun is a perfect and flirty updo that you can try yourself.

Messy bun styles are fun, sassy and easy to pull off if you’re doing it yourself. Not only will a messy bun look great on bad hair days when all you want to do is pull it back, but they also look great at work, school, or evening parties as well. They are quick, easy, versatile and can be applied to any hair type. Here are some tips from for pulling off a chic messy bun.

1. Comb your hair thoroughly to get rid of tangles. If you have naturally frizzy hair, apply an anti-frizz product.

2. Pull your hair back into a loose ponytail. A low messy bun can start at the nape of your neck, while a high messy bun starts by pulling your hair into a high ponytail.

3. Tie your ponytail and smooth out bumps. Pull up your ponytail to create fullness on top of your head. To make hair easier to work with, just add some hairspray.

4. Start by wrapping your hair around the base of your ponytail until it begins to coil onto itself and naturally forms a loose bun. To secure your bun you can either use bobby pins or a second elastic band. If using a bobby pin, the pin should go in the roll and the hair underneath. Then slide the bobby pins into the roll and catch the hair with the longer tip. Rotate the pin and insert it to fix the bun into position. Be careful not to hurt your scalp when using pins, as they can scratch.  If you prefer to use a second elastic band, take the band and use it to secure the hair that was twisted and wrapped around the base of the ponytail. Then tuck some pins into the sides of the bun to gather it closer to your head and secure it in place.

5. To give your messy bun a nice, finishing touch, pull loose and thin strands of hair around your neck and face using your fingers. This will give it the messy effect, as if you’ve had it in all day. Finish it off with a little hairspray and voila! You’re ready to hit the town with a flirty and chic messy bun!

Athena Salon and Spa, the premier Windsor salon can help you create any hair style that your heart desires with their quality salon services. Call Athena for an appointment today!

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