How to Get Exactly What You Want at the Hair Salon

We’ve all experienced it at one time anther, a bad haircut. Whether it involves too-short bangs or a funky, uneven highlight, it’s all something that we would all rather avoid or not have happen ever again. A trip to the hair salon should be a sacred time of self-care and a self-esteem boost rather than a traumatic experience never to be spoken of again. So what does it take to get a good haircut?

The best salon in your community will likely have instructed their stylists on how to get you a good result every time but there are a number of things that you can do, as the customer that can also ensure a hair style that you love.


When it comes to getting what you want from your local Windsor hair salon the lines of communication need to be wide open. This means communicating what you’re looking for, what issues you’ve had in the past, what reservations you have or anything else that will help your stylist create the look that’s best for you. Although you may feel like you’re gabbing too much, there is never such a thing as over sharing when it comes to communicating your expectations to your hair stylist.

Bring in Pictures

If you have an idea or have seen a picture of the cutest haircut that you would like to try, bring the picture into your hair salon so that you can adequately convey what you’re looking for because as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. This will not only help the stylist understand what you’re looking for, but will also give them the opportunity to tell you if it will work or not. If you take in a picture of Angelina Jolie’s thick long locks but lack fullness when it comes to your hair, growing out your own hair may not have the same effect.

Come Back

If you do end up getting a bad cut, don’t be afraid to let your stylist know. The best salon will value your repeat business and will do everything they can to ensure that you’re happy with your experience with their salon.

By keeping these three tips in mind you can ensure that you will get a good cut and color every time, without any drama or tears.

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