How to Love Your Pale Skin

Now that the truth about UV has come out, we all make one of three decisions to deal with these facts. We can either protect ourselves from the sun and embrace our pale skin, protect ourselves from the sun and get spray tans (more on that later this week!), or ignore the health risks completely and continue to tan and burn.

At Athena Spa in Fort Collins, we consistently advise our clients to go with either of the first two options. If you care about your skin enough to get facial spa treatments, we believe you should love it enough to protect it from known hazards, such as the sun.

If you do choose to protect your skin and stop tanning, here are some tips for preserving the benefits of your facial spa treatments and loving your pale skin!

  • Choose a sunscreen base that is good for your skin. Our spa in Fort Collins carries Jane Iredale makeup products, that do not contain ingredients that are harmful to your skin. Select a sunscreen that offers the protection you are looking for without feeling heavy on your skin.
  • Stay away from the shimmer. With lighter skin, the shimmer can make you look a little too luminescent. Look for a light matte makeup, or a cream that doesn’t shimmer. To add a little glow to the tops of your cheekbones and along your jawline, try our Jane Iredale In Touch cream to powder Highlighter, which will give you just the right amount of sparkle exactly where you want it.
  • Ditch the bronzer for some real colors! With your pale complexion, you can try bright colors like fuchsia on your cheeks, whereas bronzer will now look too brown or grey. Use a small brush and dust the blush on lightly – and experiment until you find the perfect color for you!
  • Keep in mind that dark eyes make pale skin look paler. This is great if you are going for a high-contrast look for evening, but during the day you might want to stick with a pastel cream shadow with subtle shimmer. These shadows will draw attention to the eyes by gently reflecting the light rather than boldly demanding attention.
  • Pale skin goes great with red lips! To achieve the look, go with a lip stain in your desired shade. Apply it more heavily in the middle of the mouth. Or, dab on some lipstick with your fingers and press your lips together.

For more tips for loving your pale skin as it is, visit the Athena Spa in Fort Collins. Ask for a facial spa treatment with a makeup lesson – we know that changing skin requires changing habits, and we are happy to help you on your journey as you embrace your pale skin!

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