How to Prevent Winter Hair Breakage

Every woman dreams of thick luscious hair falling around their shoulders, bouncing with life and light. Sometimes this is a reality and sometimes it’s not. Some are naturally blessed with thick and luscious locks and some aren’t, but regardless of your hair’s natural thickness or texture, it’s important to properly take care of the hair that we were given to make sure that it’s as healthy, shiny and strong as it can be.

As the weather grows colder outside, ensuring that our hair is adequately moisturized becomes more and more difficult. Cold and dry air can pretty much suck the life and luster out of our locks. Winter hair breakage is something that we must all contend with, but here are some solutions from your trusted Windsor hair salon to help fight against this Stylingage-old dilemma.


When it gets cold outside consider skipping a shampoo or two during the week. Shampoo can strip hair of its natural oils, therefore to prevent dryness consider skipping straight to the conditioner a couple times a week. Leave the conditioner in the entire duration of your shower and then rinse with cool water.  Rinsing with cool or cold water will help seal the hair shaft which can trap in the necessary moisture.

If your hair is prone to greasiness and the idea of going shampoo-less for more than a day makes you squeamish, consider a dry shampoo. Rather than washing and shampooing every day, you can spray dry shampoo onto your roots, let it set and brush through. It will appear as if your hair has been freshly washed without the drying effects of water or washing which can often cause breakage.


When you get out of the shower consider foregoing the daily blowout or extra styling that can wreak havoc on the health of your hair. Let your hair air dry until it’s slightly damp and then blow out minimally. Also leave-in conditioners and heat protecting sprays are vital during the winter months.

Along with conditioners and sprays, consider purchasing salon products that are created to help hold in your hair’s moisture rather than using standard store-bought hair products. The winter season can be hard on your hair, so it’s important to make sure that your arsenal is top quality.

Salon Services

Don’t forget to get regular trims in order to get rid of dead ends. By getting rid of your scraggly ends your hair will look and feel healthier. Also consider professional conditioning treatments that can help to replenish your winterized locks.

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