If You Give a Woman a Haircut…

In the modern age of stress, women rarely set aside time for themselves. The result is an overworked, unhealthy population. Time for pampering is essential to the wellbeing of all people, but especially of women. Many times when a woman gets a few moments away from the workplace, her kids, even the man in her life, she begins to realize just how much she has been missing. It suddenly becomes clear just how important relaxation time truly is! One wonderful advantage of Athena Salon, Spa and Wellness is that a woman can come in for a haircut, but leave with so much more!

HaircutMore than Other Hair Salons

When a woman searches through hair salons for the perfect one, it normally would not enter her mind to look for a place that offers more than hair services. However once she is sitting in that chair experiencing the relaxation hair salons have to offer, she will be thankful to have the option of staying for more. Athena Salon, Spa and Wellness offers a wealth of relaxation options, and she can choose to participate in one, two or even more!

From Hair to Nails

Once a woman has received the perfect new haircut, she can float right over to the nail salon to receive one of the best pedicures in town. Nothing says “complete” like perfect hair and perfect nails. The best pedicures and manicures exfoliate, massage and moisturize as well as trimming and painting. The experience of sitting in that chair receiving this pampering treatment relaxes the body and mind like nothing else can. Superior treatment means superior relaxation, and that is exactly what Athena Salon, Spa and Wellness has to offer! The woman can leave the nail salon feeling her best because she has experienced the one of the best pedicures and manicures possible.

From Nails to Massage

Perhaps the massage offered at the nail salon served to whet the appetite for a true full body massage. Athena Salon, Spa and Wellness offers a wide variety of massage options, from individual to couples massages. A woman can walk right over and sign up then, or wait for that special man in her life to come and experience the relaxation that couples massages offer. Whether she prefers individual or couples massages, the entire experience leaves a truly lasting impression of relaxation. Who knew a simple haircut could evolve to transform an entire outlook on life?

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