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Is the “Perfect” Word Sabotaging You?

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Today I was contemplating the word “perfect”. One of my clients is stuck on living her life so perfectly that if she messes up once she throws in the towel and gives up.

I recognize this in her, as it is a trait I share as well in many ways. I remember drawing pictures when I was little and throwing it away if it had (in my eyes) one “imperfection”. I would spend hours in front of the mirror to make my hair and make-up “perfect”. Everything had to be perfect or why bother?

Is this you? Do you recognize it in any area of life?


Most often I see this in my weight loss clients. PERFECT is one of the biggest sabotaging words on the way to optimal health. This is precisely why so many people fail. Many feel that if they start a program and are not perfect every day, they beat themselves up and their self-esteem suffers to the point that they believe they can’t do it anyway, so why try?

Health is NOT about being PERFECT! It is about doing your best each day to make wise choices. It is about BALANCE. You will have those days that you eat more than you like, or miss your exercise class. Maybe you go on a vacation and want to “treat” yourself. It does not matter, whatever the excuse, periodic days like this WILL NOT stop you from getting healthy. But, what WILL stop you is if you let these periodic episodes become the norm. If you go back to your old habits just because you were not “perfect” everyday, you WILL FAIL. You will only fail if you quit trying.

You WILL NOT FAIL if you educate yourself about a healthy lifestyle, if you try your best each day, each meal, and each snack to choose the best possible foods available. If you get up and move as a habit, rather than choose a sedentary lifestyle. You will not fail if you stick with it, persevere and make a commitment to yourself to succeed. Health is NOT something you do for a month or three months, the idea is to embrace these principles and do this for the rest of your life! That will be true success!

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