It’s Pedicure Season- Are Your Feet Ready?

It’s Pedicure Season- Are Your Feet Ready?

It’s Pedicure Season- Are Your Feet Ready?

Spring is officially here, and the whole state of Colorado is bursting to life! You probably already have your summer clothes pulled out of storage, and you are ready to spend time in the warm sunshine. But what about your feet? After months of thick socks, snow boots, and dry air, they may not be looking their best, and you may be feeling pretty self-conscious about slipping on those sandals again. Maybe you have bare toenails and cracked skin on your soles or heels that just won’t go away. Luckily, now is the perfect time of year to invest in a spa pedicure!

While it may seem like unnecessary pampering, a pedicure can actually do wonders for your feet and overall wellbeing. Our feet work hard for us- walking, hiking, running errands, and supporting our bodies all day, every day, and they deserve a little extra care and attention. It’s no wonder that they sometimes develop unsightly blemishes, sore spots, and ragged nail beds. But spring calls for sandals, so here are a few reasons why a spa pedicure is exactly what you need to start off the season on the right…foot!

  1. Promotes circulation

Over the winter, the cold, dry climate can decrease blood flow to the extremities, and this can lead to damaged skin, achy muscles, and many other issues. A pedicure encourages healthy circulation in your feet, ankles, and calves, helping to flush out toxins, heal the skin, and restore that rosy glow. Many people in Colorado, both men and women, suffer from winter foot issues, and a spring pedicure is the ideal antidote to helping you feel better and take care of the wear and tear that occurred over the past few months!

  1. Rids dry, cracked skin

Do the bottoms of your feet look and feel like the Sahara desert? You’re not alone! Our feet put up with a lot, and the skin can easily become inflamed, itchy, cracked, and dry. If this is not treated, it can turn into something painful and invite potential infections. A spa pedicure is perfect for buffing out the dry areas, shaving off the dead skin, and encouraging new, healthy skin growth. Like trimming your trees every year, a pedicure can keep the skin on your feet looking and growing in a healthy way.

  1. Boosts appearance

Many people are self-conscious about their feet, so if there’s something easy and affordable that you can do to feel better about yourself, why wouldn’t you do it? A spa pedicure can make everything look new and glowing again, and along with a fun nail polish, can make you feel like a king or queen again! Those cute spring outfits can only go so far if you have to hide your unsightly feet, so head over to your local spa today and book your pedicure!

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