Girl's face with cracking paint.

Keys to Youthful Skin

Girl's face with cracking paint.

Dry Skin CC Photo Courtesy of Henadz

Aging has been an increasingly hot topic in our society over the years. Women are under a lot of pressure to keep our youthful appearance through the years. Here are some spa-approved tips for looking younger with our salon products:

Moisturize (you knew this one, right?)! Our Eminence salon products include several moisturizers and creams that are perfect for aging skin. Visit our spa in Fort Collins to consult our salon product experts and determine the right product for your skin.

Choose concealer carefully. If you wear a wax-based concealer, it will seep into your lines and draw more attention to them over time. To prevent this, choose a liquid or mineral concealer.

Wear a yellowish foundation. This will make your skin look warmer, and therefore younger.

Wear moisturizing makeup. Opt for liquids over powders to achieve a hydrated look.

Flaunt your cheekbones. Women lose fat in our cheeks as we age, so take advantage of this fact and highlight your cheekbones with blush.

Curl your eyelashes. Eyelashes flatten with age, so even if you choose to skip the mascara, you can still add some curl! If you do choose to wear mascara, avoid anything that says “thickening.” The extra bulk will just weight down on your lashes. Opt instead for “lengthening” products, with thin wands so you can coat all of your lashes .

Wear brown eyeliner for a sophisticated look. Lift the liner at the corners of your eyes by the tiniest bit to open up your eyes more!

Embrace shimmer, but keep it gentle! A little bit of shimmer will keep your skin looking radiant. When selecting a shimmer shadow, opt for a neutral color to get the radiance without going overboard. Think of colors like champagne, pewter, or rose gold.

Boost your natural skin tone with lip stain. Choose a color that is just a little darker than your natural shade. Selecting a stain instead of a lipstick will prevent the color from bleeding. You can use a clear gloss or lip balm to keep your lips looking hydrated throughout the day!

Be careful with the highlighter. To prevent too much shine, use the product sparingly, and only on your cheekbones. This will add subtle dimension and create a youthful appearance!

Remember that contrast is the key to looking younger. Select shades that add contrast to your face without looking overdone. This is best achieved by selecting colors that are just a couple shades darker than your natural tones.

Consider our Athena spa packages for deep hydrating treatments, advice from spa professionals for keeping your skin looking young day to day, and recommendations on spa products, including Eminence skin care and Jane Iredale makeup!

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