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Last Minute Preparations for Spring Break

palm trees

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You may have already been preparing for spring break, since it’s that time of year right now. Who isn’t excited about spring? Budding trees, warmer weather, and no more need for a coat. The first manifestation of spring is often spring break. While we can’t help you decide where to go and what activities to do, we can definitely help you look your best while you’re there! Read on for some beauty tips about last-minute preparations for spring break.

Begin with a base tan

At Athena Salon, we agree with the idea that it’s smart to have a base tan before increasing your exposure to the sun rays, which many people do over spring break. However, we are not talking about going to a tanning bed or even a tanning salon. Those can be rife with germs and potential diseases, not to mention the chemicals that put on your skin in the form of sunblock and tanning lotion.

But it is a good idea to have a base tan before being out in the sunshine over spring break. We recommend one of our spray tans, which are a wonderful beginning. We use only the South Seas line of products for the spray tanning, and all their products are free of parabens. This is the tanning line used exclusively by “Dancing with the Stars” so you know it’s good! We offer traditional and natural spray tans; you can customize them with a shimmer glow or a dry brush exfoliation. Either of these will ensure that your spray tan looks natural and gorgeous. And since Athena Salon is offering 25% off spray tanning services just because of spring break, this is a great time to prepare your skin for that extra sun exposure.

Schedule a pedicure.

Chances are pretty good that your feet have been in socks and shoes for the past three months, and they might need a little TLC before going out in public. Spring break is a good time to debut some sandals and you’ll want to make sure your toes are up to the challenge. You can also rub off dry skin with a pumice stone and apply salon-quality lotion to the soles of your feet. This will remove the winter build-up of dry skin and make them glow.

To match your new pedicure, consider scheduling a manicure at the same time. One tried-and-true beauty tip is that your nails should always look similar: similar shape, length, and nail color. The same is true when you get a professional pedicure. In order to best match your nails, you should consider getting a manicure at the same time. You’ll feel completely refreshed, and your hands and feet will thank you.

Get the right waxing appointment.

It’s best to match the waxing service to the activities you’re planning. If you’ll be skiing for a week, you might not need a Brazilian wax. If you’re jetting to the Caribbean or Mexico, you’ll want a bikini wax. At the same time, you can speak with your esthetician at Athena Salon about waxing appointments for legs, eyebrows, and other areas. That way, you won’t have to worry about hair removal while you’re gone and can just enjoy the vacation.

Have your hair cut and colored.

There’s nothing worse than looking at old photos and thinking “I really should have had my hair cut.” Or perhaps you’re wishing you had touched up those roots. Spring break may be a great time to debut a slightly shorter haircut or a lighter color. Spring and summer lend themselves to light, carefree hair. Talk with your Athena Salon stylist about a more spring-time haircut, or possibly adding blond highlights. Then when you look at all your pictures, you can be happy with the hair you had.

Don’t forget to stock up on travel versions.

All the preparation will be a disappointment if you break a nail two days into your trip. That’s why it’s best to stock up on the travel versions of the salon products you love. It is especially important to continue using organic and natural products in different climates and when you’re participating in different activities. For example, skin that’s exposed to lots of mountain skiing or Caribbean water will need some care to keep it looking gorgeous. An excellent beauty tip is to never be unprepared. A little clear nail polish, some relaxing body scrub, and a bottle of organic shampoo will see you through the whole spring break!

No need to worry about the preparations …

If you’ve put off preparing for spring break, have no worries. Many of these preparations can’t be done until the last minute anyway. You don’t want to chip your nails early or lose the beautiful tan! But after making these final preparations, you’ll be ready for all the warm weather that March and April have to offer.

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