green eye shadow

Latest Eye Makeup Trends from Hollywood

green eye shadow

Are you looking for this year’s hottest trends in eye fashions? We love to see what the stars are wearing, so let’s take a look at the best eye makeup trends from their recent public appearances at ceremonies, movies, and even around town. In turn, these people are often inspired by the runway and couture trends that can be made wearable for every day. Who knows, one of these might inspire your own bold choices.

CC Image courtesy of never going home on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of never going home on Flickr

The Smoldering Eye

Perfect for a big night out! This look is great for any time you step out at night, whether it’s to dinner or the movies or a local fundraiser. Just keep in mind: this looks best after a little practice. Otherwise, the lines and placement of colors may look awkward until your hands become adept at this look.

Apply a dark grey liner close to the lashes.

Using an angled brush, lightly feather the line outward with a slightly darker color. Black may be used here. Start at the inner corner and flick it outward.

Dust a light highlighter to the inner corner of your eye to catch the light and balance out the darker colors. We like the Jane Iredale 24-karat gold dust, which comes in colors ranging from silver to bronze to rose gold.

Finish with two coats of mascara. Wiggle the brush from the root to the tip if you want a thicker, more fanned-out look.

The Warm, Gray Look

Not all shades of gray have to be dark and smoldering. Take Kate Beckinsale’s look, for example. Her stylist mirrored her gun-metal gray dress with her eye makeup, but didn’t darken the star’s look. Here’s how:

Layer a dark brown eye shadow over your lids.

Carefully draw a black eye pencil along the top and bottom lash lines, and top with a warm, purple-brown eye shadow.

Sweep a bit of white or flesh-toned shadow into the inner corners of your eye to avoid the look of dark circles.

A Soft, Smoky Eye

CC Image courtesy of Technicolortears on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of Technicolortears on Flickr

Here’s looking at you, Mila Kunis. For this event, the star chose a softer version of the smoky eye, which is definitely more feminine than its grey-and-black cousins. We also love the mix of textures in the softer lines on top and more defined lines along the bottom of the eyes.

Again, begin by layering a light brown or taupe on the eyelids.

With a crayon pencil (Jane Iredale makes an excellent version of this chubby pencil, called the Mystikol pencil), draw along the upper lash line. You can extend the line slightly beyond the edge of your eyes as well.

Along the bottom lash line, draw a defined line with a black eye pencil.

Sweep two coats of mascara over your lashes.

Bright, Summery Makeup

Who says you have to wear dark colors all winter? Not Lupita Nyong’o. She went for bright colors recently, and can pull off a lovely shade of tangerine. For some contrast to this look, consider adding a splash of blue.

Sweep a dark blue along your lids. For best results and staying power, cover the lids first with a thin layer of foundation. This will help lock the color into place.

Using a light hand, dust gold eye shadow up from the blue color. The gold should stop just below the brow line, though for the more dramatic look, consider sweeping it all the way up to the brow.

Finish with two coats of a brown-black mascara. Avoid a purely black mascara, since that will look too harsh again, the blue and gold.

The Bold, Structured Brow

And what eye is complete without the brow above it? Margot Robbie struck a bold chord with her thicker, slightly curved brows. This look may take a little preparation as you grow your brows out, but the look is definitely worth the wait. Then, follow these few steps to look structured and stunning.

Brush brows upward, which will separate and shape them. We recommend the Jane Iredale PureBrow Brow Fix and Mascara, a clear gel that can be combed in and feels light.

Fill in with a brown or light brown eye pencil (depending on the shade of your eyebrows). Use slow strokes in the natural shape and direction of your brows. Just be sure not to color too heavily or thickly.

Dust a luminizer directly under the brow, which will illuminate the line and define it cleanly.

Other Fashions Spotted

While these aren’t the full array of recent eye trends, they are some of the most popular. Look for some green to appear on eyes, though that color isn’t nearly as popular as it was last year. Instead, stars are using dark or natural colors on their eyes, with pops of tangerine and red on their lips. They also prefer clear skin with a slight touch of blush on each cheek.

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