Lip Care 101


Our lips are one of the first things people see when meeting us – but their care is often a low priority. They are constantly being bombarded with potentially harmful things like environment and weather changes, the tip of the tongue, and food particles. Yet they have no sweat glands or oil producers to keep themselves healthy. This means that caring for your lips just became a number-one priority. Our beauty salon can help you achieve your most natural, gorgeous smile.

For starters, exfoliate. You can buy lip exfoliators or simply rub a little face exfoliation into the lips and wash off. You should do this once a week to the best results. This will ensure that when you begin moisturizing (see the next step), you’re applying product on fresh, healthy skin. Think of this step similar to the first step of the facials you love.

Then begin moisturizing. This should be a habit throughout the day, especially right after the shower (when pores are open) and right before bedtime. Throughout the day, apply lip balm with an SPF 15. Dropping on in every purse, school bag, and pair of jeans will be the best way to make sure you’re never without.

Make an effort to break any bad habits you have of licking your lips or breathing with your mouth open. These are more tempting as the winter flu-and-cold season rolls in, but they will take an enormous toll on your lips.

Before applying lip gloss or lipstick, put a layer of chapstick underneath. Not only will this create a smooth surface for your lips, it will continue the moisturizing process even when you’re wearing lip color. This is especially important with lipstick, since many of them can actually dehydrate skin.

If you wish, this is the perfect time to schedule a lip contour service in our beauty salon. This process will naturally plump up the skin, making your lips and the skin around the mouth look younger and healthier.

Now that your lips are in good shape and beautiful, show them off! Light pink or purple is appropriate for daytime, while deeper pinks and reds should be worn at night. People may ask what brand of lip color you’re wearing, not realizing that your healthy lips make the biggest difference in presenting beautiful color.

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