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Lip Plumper: The Real Deal

Peppers in Envelope

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You want the pouty lips like the stars, but your thin, barely-there lips do not resemble them. Naturally, you hear about lip plumper, and think “This is it! The product I’ve been waiting for!” But is it? How does it work, and is it safe? While you might think it’s a safer option than receiving a filler injection, how can you be sure?

A lip plumper (like jane iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper or Sugar & Butter Lip Exfoliator and Plumper) is a product that is applied to the lips like lipstick in order to make your lips look fuller and firmer. Some plumpers double as tinted lip gloss, while others are translucent and can be worn under your favorite gloss. Let’s delve into the world of lip plumper to decide if you’re better off dealing with thin lips, or if it’s really worth all of the hype.

How It Works

You might be surprised to learn how lip plumper actually works. It is the ingredients within the product that cause the plumping, but it’s more like a swelling than anything else, making your lips appear plumper. Increased blood flow from the ingredients in the plumper are what causes your lips to appear larger. Ingredients like wintergreen, ginger, mint, and cinnamon stimulate blood flow to your lips, causing them to swell. You will probably feel a tingling sensation after application.

As these ingredients are all derived from nature, they’re safe. Other plumpers are even gentler, relying on vasodilation – widening of the blood vessels. Ingredients such as green tea (found in our jane iredale lip plumpers) and niacin have vasodilation properties, causing the muscle cells in the blood vessel walls to relax, resulting in their expansion. This increases blood flow, and leads to those fuller lips without the tingling sensation some of the above natural ingredients may cause.

Be Cautious

Be wary of products that claim to work for a day or two. Since most plumper ingredients cause increased blood flow to your skin, this increase will probably only last a couple of hours. You’ll need to reapply or continued benefits. Any product claiming it lasts all day or multiple days is totally false.

The real concern for some women is the sensation. Just as with pain, different people will experience the sensation in different ways. You might be one of those that just can’t get past the tingling. Then again, you might be one that barely notices it or even loves it! If it does bother you, even if you wash it off, the effects will stick around for an hour or two. Your lips will look pinker and plumper and you’ll still feel a tingling, although it won’t be as strong. If you’re on a hot date, you may want to stay away from that plumper. Just think about what they may think when they kiss you and come away with tingling lips?

If you are prone to allergies, make sure you check out all the ingredients in the plumper you choose. An allergic reaction on top of the tingling ingredients can lead to your lips appearing distorted, going far beyond the look you are going for.

The Verdict

Some people will enjoy or easily tolerate the tingling sensation, while others won’t enjoy it as much. Check the ingredients and only choose products that plump using natural ingredients rather than anything chemical. And remember, one of the simplest ways to keep your lips plump without using a plumber is to use a lip balm with sunscreen. Just protecting your lips from premature aging will keep them looking fuller and healthier. Come to your Windsor salon and spa to check out all the great options jane iredale  and Eminence Organics Skincare have to meet your needs and desires.

If you’re not sure plumpers are for you (or you’ve tried them and know for a fact they aren’t for you), head into your favorite makeup salon in Windsor. We can teach you tips and tricks that can plump your lips without any tingling sensation! It’s all in the way you apply products and highlight your lips! When you get a hair service, facial, or makeup application in Fort Collins, chat with your professional about ways to keep your lips looking their best, and tricking others into thinking they’re fuller than they actually are.

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