Lob haircut.

Lob Talk: Who Can Rock This Style

Lob haircut.

Lob Haircut CC Photo Courtesy of Marty Thompson

The lob (longer bob) was uber popular throughout 2014, and it looks like this trend is here to stay throughout the spring and summer of 2015 too. We love the lob because (when done right) it can look stylish, fresh, and nothing like the bob your mom used to sport back in the early 90s (or maybe still does!).

You’ve probably seen this trend on a number of celebs, and you may be wondering whether or not the lob is for you; how to tell your Windsor hair salon stylist what you want; and which length or cut you should go for. Well, we’re here to answer all of your lob questions, so take a look!

Let’s Talk Face Shape

The thing that’s really great about the lob is that it works on every face shape. Your stylists should be able to cut a lob that works with your face, and that includes where you part your hair, and how you flip your bangs (if you have any). If you have super fine hair, you may not love this style because it can look somewhat limp if not cut properly. But, your stylists will let you know right away whether or not the lob is for you and your hair type. Typically, though, the lob does work, and look great, on everyone.


Lobs are generally collar bone length, and anything shorter falls into the traditional bob category. If you have curly hair, or hair that curls a lot when it is cut, make sure to tell your stylist. When you cut hair that has a natural curl, it automatically curls up a few inches, and this could take your lob into a bob. Ask your stylist not to cut your hair when it is straight, if you do have a curl, so that you can determine what the actual length will be.

The Actual Cut

The key to getting a trendy and chic lob haircut as opposed to an old school bob is to ask your stylist to cut the lob just a bit shorter in the back — not a lot shorter, but just a small bit, so that there is some swing and edge to the cut. If you like the textured look, ask your stylists to texturize your hair too, so that it looks choppy in a good way. You can also bring photos that you like, and show your stylist these pictures before you get the cut. Sometimes, having a clear visual can help a stylist understand the look that you’re really after.

Ask About Alternatives

It can be really hard to cut your hair — we understand! But just keep two things in mind. The first is that hair grows out (and grows faster during the summer months). The second is that if you book an appointment at your Windsor hair salon (Athena!), you’re in good hands no matter what you want to do. The mark of a great stylist is someone that will always tell you whether or not that new trend is going to look great on you. When you come into Athena, we will give you our expert opinion on whether or not a lob is in your future, what length to go for, and how to style it. Maybe that’s why our clients love us so much! If the lob isn’t something that’s right for you, we can also recommend an alternate haircut for you to try out — just ask.

When it comes to your hair and beauty salons, don’t just walk into the first one that you see. Choose a salon that has your best interests at heart, and let the experts at Athena handle your hair. Call us today to book an appointment! What do you think about the lob? Love it, hate it, or is this trend over? Let us know what your thoughts are on Facebook – and we’d love to see some lob cuts too!

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