Look and Feel Great After Gardening – Pamper Yourself at Athena Salon and Spa

June is the time for gardening and outdoor maintenance – chores that are generally enjoyable, if not for the chips in our nails and kinks in our muscles they leave behind. Luckily, Athena Salon and Spa offers couple’s massages and has one of the best nail salons around, so you can pamper your whole body after caring for your yard!

Here are some tips for caring for your skin, nails and muscles during and after those long hours of yard work:

1. Protect from the sun – cover up with a hat, sunglasses, long sleeves and pants, and use sunscreen on any skin that is still exposed. You will have more energy, protect yourself from bug bites, and won’t risk damage to your skin.

2. Wear gloves and shoes to protect your fingernails and toenails and to help prevent blisters.

3. Be aware of your limits, and don’t push your muscles too far! It is easy to focus on the work that you are doing and forget to consider how you are treating your body. Take breaks and assess whether the load you are putting on your muscles is more than they can handle – you might feel fine today, but you don’t want to be hurting for days to come!

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4. Did you know that soil draws the moisture out of your skin? Be sure to drink water throughout the day, and slather on a heavy moisturizer after your work is done. Or better yet, treat yourself to a massage at the Athena Salon and Spa, and let your skin soak in the natural massage oils while you relax.

5. If your back and neck are aching after a long day of yard work, you are probably already thinking about heading to the spa for a couple’s massage. The Swedish massage and Sports massage are both great options for tired muscles – and you can ask to enhance your massage with a body scrub if your skin needs some attention, too.

6. While at Athena Salon and Spa, be sure to take advantage of the nail salon’s manicure and pedicure services to moisturize your hands and repair your chipped or dried out nails. The nail salon offers Express services if you are just looking for a touch-up, or Traditional and Spa services if you are really looking to treat yourself after your hard day of work!

What good is a manicured lawn if you have dry skin, an aching back, and chipped nails? Let the friendly staff at Athena Salon and Spa care for your body after you have finished taking care of your yard. Book your couple’s massage and nail salon appointments today by calling 970-223-0273.

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